Fire emblem thacria/genealogy english rom

I want to try these games, but don’t know where to find the roms for the english versions.
Links or other alternatives, please

ROMs cannot be shared here (warez isn’t allowed), you can search (“google”) for a Japanese ROM and apply the English patch of your liking though, there are programs that can do that on both Windows and Android (Lunar IPS and ROM Patcher respectively).

As for the English patch…

Here’s the complete one:

There’s also an older patch I tend to prefer, I’ve got a pre-patched ROM a few years ago though so I don’t know if this is the exact patch said ROM has but here you go.

Oh for FE4… I use Dark Twilkitri’s translation but there’s a more updated one by “Project Naga”

Don’t we have a Rom PM somewhere though
It may theoretically have all FEs 1-10