Fire Emblem Three Houses Classes


Idk how valid this is but the person that retweeted it on my TL is a pretty reputable source



Hmmm. Maybe it’s true. Tbh, I’m excited for TH, but I just hope it isn’t bland. I want stuff like GotHW or PoR/RD, story wise. Before someone replies to me that the game is gonna be trash, this is just my opinion.


so axe and bow will have the same stats?! or didnt i get that false?


This game is gonna be trash. JK. The game will do fine. I am hoping that the amiibo functionally, similar to Fates, comes back. That is what I am mainly hoping for at least.


No the starting classes noble and commoner are the same, but you can upgrade to the warrior class which has access to both axes and bows.

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i meant stats if you became warrior, will you have the same stats as bow user and axe user?
anyway this game isnt even out, who knows :skull:


See, the thing is, I’m not worried that the story is gonna be Fates bad, I just feel it may be bland, which isn’t good. It won’t be as bad as Fates if thats the case, but story wise it could be just there.

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I’m not expecting a deep story like some of the other entries in FE, but I hope it actually has an impact. I will admit though, the characters look interesting. I really wanna choose Dimitri, but Edelgard seems cool too! Claude is an archer… so I’m saying it’s a no from me. I don’t like archers that much and the others look more interesting. He looks cool tho. At least the game will have replay ability. What path would you guys choose?


When bae is woke

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to be fair, he has most unique design from all other lords

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@SoWhat True. I just don’t like archers tbh. And Dimitri looks just as cool as him. It’s gonna be hard to choose. I also love Edelgard’s design. I don’t understand why people are already saying she’s a waifu, like with Corrin, but she looks cool too.

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Lmao I wonder which path will be like the Eirika path or the Ephraim path, in terms of difficulty


I’m hoping they’re not just reskinned versions of each other and Dimitri seems the most intense so maybe him

I’m worried that they’re gonna make Claude’s the easy path

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Why is everyone a regular and not me yet…? ;-;


im not a fan of dimitris design but its just taste
and for edelgard she reminds me of eirika (who i dont like lmao) plus she is only girl
i guess thats why they call her like that but i like her design overall too

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Wait so no dancers or am I missing something sorry I’m a little confused.


These are for the starting classes, it’s like the villagers in Echoes.

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Cause you need to visit 50 total days in the past 100. You’re at 46, so it’ll come soon. Just be patient.

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im at 51 welll… :skull: