Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC

beat me to it.

BEST FEATURE. Lemme play with the puppers.


Probably the Crimson Flowers route, since…y’know. He’s the Death Knight and an Imperial general.


But what if Dorothea is part of that eventual banner? :thinking:

Another spoiler

He’s also Mercedes’s brother

But I am too leaning more toward Crimson Flower for him

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More Spoiler

Yes, but he already has a role in the Blue Lions route. He straight up disappears after the timeskip with no further mention whatsoever in Crimson Flower.

I recruit Mercedes anyways, so :man_shrugging:t3:

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i don’t even want to know what this is after maddening :catsob:

also you have to pay to play with dogs and cats this is just straight up torture :catdespair::catdespair:

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Imma have to remember to buy this
Not sure I can live without

puppies and kitties yaaaaaay
Flayn might have to share some fish for the cats. :flaynfish:

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