Fire Emblem: Three Houses is amazing. Is it the best fire emblem?

I don’t want to spoil anything, so this isn’t going to do any of that. Just some random thoughts as I close in on chapter 10

  1. I picked Golden Deer, and all the characters are amazing. But I gotta think every house is this way. I can’t believe the insane amount of supports and house-specific content there is so far… and reviews said the first 12 chapters it wasn’t so varied. I am in disbelief of that, but I guess even more variation is to come. Fates sold the same game 3 times and yet they gave us 10x the value all for 1 game price. F’ing incredible.

  2. All the character classes and characters feel awesome. I love using mages - they are awesome. I’m a little carried away, but I have 4 of them. I like how Priests can use Nosferatu like in echoes, but double-up as mages too. They feel useful. Marianne and Lycithea feels so powerful. Lorenz is fantastic. Hilda in armor swinger her axe singing “Hilda! Hilda!” never felt so amazing. Oh, and the cav’s! The cav’s are back! Leonic and Sylvain feel unstopable. And they got canto again! And did I mention that bows with close counter are f’ing nuts? I love my team, and I feel like everyone playing this game is going too feel that way too. Units being able to wield a variety of weapons and spells early game fixed things I never realized needed fixing.

  3. An average review score of 87 is way too low for this game. I feel like this game is a classic for years to come. This game won’t be forgotten. It’s so good! It actually lived up to the hype for me. And more maybe.

  4. The music is dope. Everything, like echoes, sounds fantastic.

  5. I love the monestary. I love just roaming around and talking to people. It’s not perfect. Finding and delivering lost items is a chore but I still find myself doing it. But I love doing nothing in the monastery. It’s the best base we ever had in a fire emblem game.

  6. I love the characters. They got the message that fates one-dimensional characters sucked and went the Echoes route x10 and I love them for it. I love this cast of characters so much. They all starting to feel like close friends now. The full voice acting really adds so much too!

  7. I love that pair-ups and children and other dumb mechanics are no longer in the game. Nuff said.

  8. The character customization is amazing. I absolutely love training and growing my team. Wow is it ever addicting and satisfying.

  9. My only really complaint is the frame rate at times. I wish it was 30fps. It feels less than that on the battlefield and in some busy areas. Or maybe I’m just used to 60fps that feels sluggish. Still, echoes feels a lot more fluid. But that’s my only major complaint.


My copy comes in the mail tomorrow so I’m :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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AAAAAAAH why can’t I get it

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I’m downloading it now, just a bit more to go

Just wanted to say, if there are spoilers in your post(haven’t read it just in case), then please add the FE3H spoiler tag, so that those who don’t want to be spoiled know if it’s safe or not

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The more threads I see about 3H, the desire to buy it without permission is increasing….

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They made Byleth extremely uninteresting. I haven’t seen 100% of it, but he’s so boring to me. The fact that he shows practically little emotion might have something to do with it (although that itself is a completely different story) but sheesh. Even when he’s smiling it’s like he’s not smiling.

Also, I liked the children aspect of Awakening, but I hated how the conversations were the same for the fathers for most of them, especially since a lot of them were pretty interesting, and the way they introduced them made sense. The whole thing was about time travel.

Fates, on the other hand… I dunno. The whole deep realms thing was stupid in my opinion.


A.) best FE game? Heck no in my opinion. 3H is a good game, but is it a good Fire Emblem game? No. It’s honestly more like a persona game if anything.

B.) There’s too many extraneous mechanics that are all really about getting to know your fellow students, and there’s just better ways to do it. I personally couldn’t care for 90% of the monastery and the activities therein, because it’s all just so utterly pointless compared to just simple combat.

C.) From a thematic perspective: there’s combat brewing elsewhere, but we’re stuck overlooking a bunch o kids. A more interesting game would be focused on the actual activity. Trying to avoid spoilers, but the early game of 3 houses is REALLY slow and just feels thrown in.

D.) Characters are great. No complaints there.

E.) Music is great, but hot darn they recycle the same tracks OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…


I’m just following Mangs’ LP and potentially PhoenixMaster’s also. The teaching aspect of the monastery I like; it’s a more developed cousin of bonus exp allocation. And I like the idea with the students’ questions and dialogues in general, but I haven’t yet decided whether the implementation (or handling) convinces me. Definitely outside Fire Emblem tradition, but I personally really benefit from the break from calculating.

Music I can’t hear clearly in the videos. But I’d prefer to err on the side of quality than of quantity

And I agree with Krazytre that Byleth seems flat. Lacks definition; they’re trying to make us develop him/her and we don’t have enough tools


My beef with the teaching aspect: it’s literally just not as efficient as combat. There’s never any point to take lectures or explore, as you receive more xp and mastery by doing the combats.

The only time it’s ever efficient to actually teach is when you’re trying to make a unit learn a second weapon type, which isn’t important in this game now that the weapon triangle is borked, which I personally extremely dislike.


It takes out most of the interest in using different weapons… Quite boring :disappointed:

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Creator Sword… Seems very overpowered. Like… Very. And I guess that was the intention, but my lord.

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Idk if you unlock more later, but rn it’s not doing much more damage for me… Seriously :thinking:

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Maybe it’s the person I’m watching then, maybe they’re overleveled. :thinking:

I mean it’s compare to other weapons that i’m saying that. Basically the only advantage i have using it over steel weapons is the 1-2 range and rupture sky against dragons.
Compare to other units, Byleth has a talent that boosts his exp gain, but as the same level, units like Felix are much stronger. Byleth is among the bests but not top.

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Spoiler: He/she does smile. Just gotta play more.

There are pros and cons about a silent protagonist. It’s not much different from Link or Dragon Quest characters. I will say this - it’s better than Corrin opening their damn mouth for the entire story and saying nonsense.


don’t forget that his personal skill also increases exp gain of adjacent allies, too. that extra exp has gotten me some extra levels for other non-lord characters on some occasions. i also find myself using iron swords instead of the creator’s sword simply because it weighs less. although, i think at this point, i could use it and byleth would still double everything.

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While I agree with some of the things you say, this doesn’t feel or act like a regular FE. That is why I imagine some of the more hardcore players may not like it.

This is effectively Persona with the combat swapped out to be Fire Emblem. It’s the same school setting, the UI was done in a similar light. Etc, etc.

Overall, the game is good, that’s true. But it’s not the best FE. Not at all. This one has it’s ups and downs, but it ain’t the best.

I like that it’s different and forward thinking. I think when it comes to pure gameplay, echoes or FE7 are probably the best core experiences. But I like this new direction. It’s not too much like Persona once you uncover the hood. It’s just a mask to optimize your skill leveling each month.

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I’m enjoying it. I also enjoy persona games so this one has been a blast so far. I’m extremely happy being able to actually explore a base for once. When I played fates I always wanted to be able to actually explore your base but you just can’t do it there.

Well, I disagree on the whole Persona deal. I’ll elaborate.

Missions are split apart by time in the monastery doing random things from fishing, to hanging out on dates (tea time), and other such things like focusing on training if you so wish. This is extremely Persona esque. In Persona you can take your time to bond with allies, do random stuff to better yourself, go to the games dungeon to level, so that’s on point. The entire first half of the game, is based off of Persona’s style of game, even the fishing is there.

Just like Persona 3, 4,and 5 you can use this time to optimize leveling, or hang out with others and do what you want. It’s extremely similar.

That doesn’t make it bad, and by no means do I think that exploring is worse. Overall, you can call it my old fan’s intuition that has me fearing for the series, namely because of the parallels this is drawing to Persona ever time they release a new game.

Last time the series got this popular because of the social aspect, Persona 4 was made and that’s over glorified Scooby Doo. But nonetheless, good game, has me wondering how good it is for real. I’m, very critical of story writing. So once I beat all 3 paths I’ll probably sit down and actually formulate a full opinion.

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