Fire Emblem: Three Houses is amazing. Is it the best fire emblem?

Echoes? Good gameplay? It had potential but was bogged down by being a remake of a game with garbage maps.

SoV is a game you play for story and characters because of those garbage ass maps and ultra annoying garbage ass Cantors. It’s not fun to fight so many of those guys; it’s a chore.

So far I like it better but im ignoring spoilers so I’ll just say it ha more life to it

Hardly. The smile they give is very minute. If you compare all of their facial expressions you’ll see that the difference is not very big, but the opposite.

Whether I prefer Byleth or Corrin… Can’t really say. Corrin is his/her own character, same with Robin. While you can create your “own” character and customize them, they are still following a set script that’s set up for them.

Byleth isn’t entirely the same. Yes, there are set scripts even though they have you with options, but Byleth is very boring. They want the player to be them, but they don’t actually do much that is akin to what most people do as far as emotions go.

Corrin wasn’t the best character, but they at least showed emotions clearly: happiness, despair, anger, they were there and you knew they were there because the character made a clear display of them.

Yeah, the cantors were annoying. Por/rod were really good too. No cantors, lol.

While it’s different from the gba games, the FE series has been doing this for awhile. Even in POR you had a ton of non-support chats - you just clicked them in a menu. Echoes had the map areas like towns and stuff where you did the same thing. Fire emblem has been building to a real space for awhile now - this is the logical outcome of 10 years of game design.

In persona, at least in 5, what you did had far more impact on character abilities and what you were able to do when in your schedule. It was actually more nerve-wracking. Here, it can all be reduced to just motivation and skills… and motivation is just converted to skills. It does nothing else really. Nothing critical be missed either. The space is mostly meant to be enjoyed in whatever manner you want to enjoy it. Most of it is optional, and the parts that give the most benefit are the fastest to do.

And you’re not supposed to go to the monastery more than once a month anyway. I don’t know why I see non-zero % next to it on week 2-4 for. There is so much standard paralogue/quest/mission content that most of the game flows pretty similar to what awakening, fates and echoes did. The monastery piece is the only expanded idea replacing stuff from before, like i said.

Again, I’m not saying that FE hasn’t been moving towards fleshing out the world, but other games, like PoR and RD fleshed out the world in other ways. This is still very Persona esque. You don’t need to add fishing, searching for items, and an entire monastery to flesh out the world. PoR and RD did taht perfectly while talking to random civilians and with details in regular conversations.

We learned about characters motivations and stuff through random chats. Again, I have nothing against the Persona esque style, but it’s paramount to understand that this game is very much not a usual FE game. It’s extremely different.

Also: Note, I love Persona. And my fave game is Awakening. Just FYI, incase it seems like an elitist rant.

Aside from that, you’re wrong about the whole “unimportant and just for enjoyment” thing about the monastery.


There’s a 2nd ending in the Edelgard route that effectively is only unlocked if you have their supports up to C and are always talking to her, to a degree. So yeah, that’s not true.

I clicked on the Spoiler tag automatically and realized I almost kermitted sewer slide

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Well, I tagged it at the very least.

Im kind of surprised people seem to have so much negative to say about it… I haven’t genuinely enjoyed an FE game this much in years. Not since I played Conquest, and this game knocks that one out of the park.

This game adds lots of aspects to the main characters and side characters alike that gives them more ability to be bonded with and adds depth to them in ways FE games have always lacked for me. The gameplay is fun and easy to lose yourself in, the combat is great and took away a lot of the annoying aspects of the last few games that took me out of it.

TL;DR, I don’t agree with any of the negative comments. This is the best FE game I’ve ever played.


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Next time I’ll remember to write out Spoiler about 7 times before putting up the actual spoiler tag.

Overall though, at least you know about the option. XD

Though, I imagine a lot of thorough players will figure it out themselves.

I wouldn’t call many comments here about 3H negative. It’s just that to many, 3H is not a Fire Emblem game, one of its biggest criticisms, which is the common thread.

It’s a good game. But it’s not a good Fire Emblem, and I think that’s what people are trying to get across.

Personally: It’s frustrating that IS thought they had to sell the core of FE away and buy into the typical jrpg tropes of soooo many games nowadays for success. Like it’s kinda sad how much they’re trying to emulate other games, when they had a perfectly good core to build from.

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All I’m gonna say
Why’d they remove the weapon triangle

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I’m curious, why do players say it’s not a FE game? What is it missing?

(I never played a FE game, not a fan of tactical RPGs)

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Just because a game adapts and changes over time doesn’t make it a bad game in the franchise, unless the change was genuinely unfun or bad in some way, such as with Final Fantasy 13 where they switched the FF combat system, took away the world map, and just made the game generally unfun as a FF game. But Final Fantasy 15 expanded on the old FF system, tweaked it, and added a bunch of new content, and I generally consider it one of the better FF games.

Three Houses does not honestly take much from the old games for me at all. It stills feels like an FE game at its core for me. It’s the same combat with new mechanics that aren’t unfun or OP. All that was really changed was the addition of a more effective and deeper bonding system through the use of optional side quests and hub world roaming.

It’s a good game and a good Fire Emblem game in my opinion. Maybe some people don’t like the JRPG touches it’s received but in a lot of ways, it feels like the “negative” criticisms feel like nitpicks by people who hate any sort of change in a franchise. I could be wrong, but that’s how it comes off to me.

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Doesn’t seem like a matter of omission (because the mechanics look a lot like Echoes) but the amount of attention to non-combat aspects

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Some of the main arguments:

  • Lack of the weapon triangle. FE has always been about the small rock-paper-scissors Weapon triangle. It helped make classes and units feel unique. Without it, there’s no clever plays to be made in combat by positioning X unit there, it’s all just throwing stats at the enemy and having more stats then they throw at you. There’s some strategy, but it’s no longer as a result of unit uniqueness.
  • the JRPG elements. This is the meat of how 3 Houses differs from the rest of the series. Fire Emblem has been and hopefully always will be a turn-based strategy role playing game. When the game is “80 hours long,” but more than half of that is spent screwing around doing social confidants outside of combat… that’s not how Fire Emblem was. Fire Emblem used to be almost exclusively about the combat. The strategy. Whenever characters had a chat in the middle of a battlefield, it was a nice gem, and nothing more. Learning about the individual characters was less important than focusing on the central plot. 3 Houses now forces ALL of the social to the forefront, and it definitely feels that combat, the core of any strategy role playing game, is taking a backseat as a result. Additionally, without spoiling much, the game’s story is about fundamentally taking a mostly-back seat approach to the story at large. You are a bystander, not a participant, for most of 3H’s story. Old games were not like this. You had central characters driving change. You had support characters. You had power. Now you’re just… hanging out at a monastery playing Persona.
  • 3 Houses takes a hard stance on giving people all possible options for how they build each and every character. What weapon they use, mounted or not, etc. This genericizes all units, as they lose their core statistical uniqueness, which used to make all units special. Is this a bad thing? No, of course not. More options is more options. But, it kills the unique factor any unit might have if you can just make any other unit do the same thing a unit might have once been good at. Old games made sure almost every possible unit was unique, from their stat spread to their weapons. It made units and strategy matter more. You had to think about who you brought to each fight and why.

Completely separate unimportant note: I am a huge fan of FF. Like. I grew up on 2 series: castlevania and FF.

I am also that weirdo who loves FF13 (not parts 2 or 3 of course). I thought it’s combat was far superior to 15. XD