Fire Emblem: Three Houses is amazing. Is it the best fire emblem?

That’s the only thing I don’t like really. It was one of the signature mechanics of Fire Emblem.
There’s not much point in having different melee weapons any more, they’re basically the same.

Thanks for the answer. As an outsider, number 2 surprises me. I always thought the social aspect of FE was a big part of it, as supports are mentioned everywhere (+ children), but it looks like it used to be a small part instead and it’s now being fully developed.

I can see how the lack of WTA is a big change. Was Echoes that way too?

Shadows of Valentia also has no weapon triangle. As a matter of fact, the game’s weapons are almost exclusively swords and lances, with magic being a skill you learn rather than a tome or staff you equip. Three Houses takes a very similar approach with how its weapons and magic work.

Echoes… was a completely different animal, largely because it’s a remake of one of the OLDEST Fire emblem’s… and they kept a lot of legacy mechanics which were not good, and were never seen outside of FE Gaiden.

However. Regarding WTA, yes it was the same as 3H. Since it didn’t exist, you could throw any weapon at your enemy, it would all work the same. You just needed bigger stats and you’d win. Really cut back the potential for strategy.

I find 3H more similar to Echoes than to any other game. No weapon triangle, combat arts, spells are classified into attacking and assist spells and stuck to the units that learn them (rather than being transferrable items), no child unit type of thing.

Well that’s ironic. XD I enjoyed FF13 just fine, but considering my favorite was FF7, it was just hard to compare the two in any way.

I mean, those pure strategy mechanics aren’t what saved the series at the end of the day. It was the social aspects that people loved awakening for and ultimately what saved he franchise as a whole. I highly doubt that three houses would have been as well received if they removed everything about the monastery and all the social aspects it had with it.

They know what sold people on the games and expanded on that while still trying to remain fairly easy to get into for newcomers.

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I dont own the game yet but ive seen the fortress knights armor design… and that alone says this game is good :ok_hand:, gives me those gba general class armor design vibes

I also liked ff13 series as a whole but i liked ff13-2 abit more from the other 2 with its monster system, who DIDNT want a tamed tomberry(pugmaster) or behemoth in your party :rofl:

I only played the first two and didn’t care for either. People hyped up the second one as being way different but I didn’t really notice any big difference aside from the monster stuff(which I also didn’t really care for)

There are reasons for why byleth is the way they are. Like story reasons. That’s already spoiling, which makes this particular point difficult to rebut openly.

IMO it’s definitely the best fire emblem.

all the characters are really memorable, i’m in love with the customization the game lets you do, and the plot and all the political drama is so well written!

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In the footnotes of the 3H banner, F.Byleth has some quote along the lines of “I’ve always felt I had a purpose. Maybe someday I will know what it is.” I’m going to speculate this unclarity in Byleth’s self-understanding has a lot to do with having so little expression.

(and I think that doesn’t require a spoiler tag, yes? That was more or less entirely from footnotes on the FEH banner)

I’m not loooking at any comments, so I can avoid spoilers, but I’m on Ch. 8 rn and it’s fantastic! The best FE imo!

(Sucks that I share a Switch with @I_hate_everything, because she’s playing a lot too. :catdespair:)

Its better than a FE game so far, they write better here

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I have to give it a 8.5/10. I’ve gone hard Edelgard route and am just starting up a Golden Deer playthrough. I have separate saves for each important decision just in case I wanna go play them. Its certainly a good game though I haven’t played through most of the older FE games but I have yet to be really grabbed by anything or maybe my standards are high

Can’t say it’s the best, haven’t played them all. But I really, really like the game. It’s so relaxing and challenging at the same time.

If I can give any sort of advice to everyone here - play on hard difficulty and classic mode. I actually don’t really find the game difficult with these settings, let alone if you’d choose normal.

I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I’ve never gotten bored from exploring the monastery through the many hours I’ve played through the game. It’s actually a bit of a breather for me compared to going from battle to battle to battle(Doing multiple paralogues in a row is tiring). The combat doesn’t feel as fast to me. So while I’m clearly going to win a battle with little to no effect, it seems to take forever and a half to get through the battle. That might also be because I’m trying to split as much XP between all my units as possible aside from my main healer who only nukes a unit every once in a while.

My biggest complaint about the game is how Byleth is mostly silent with little to no emotion. Silent protags are fine and all, but with the lack of emotion(Which the game points out quite a lot) it loses its value quick(LoZ BotW had a perfect Link, imo, with the emotions he had) My favorite parts of it are when Byleth actually shows clear emotion on what’s happen. Claude up to his usual antics? Byleth actually has the “This is my life now” disappointment and I love it. But when the story gets serious and the game is trying to be meaningful… the lack of emotion completely ruins it.

I’m not going to go into spoilers, but there’s one part of the game that everyone seems so sad yet due to Byleth’s lack of emotion(They showed a little…) both during the scene and through out the game, it really made me wonder if they actually cared. Obviously the game tells you they care a lot, but there’s so many things that contradict it that it’s really hard to take it seriously.

Yes, they do go a little bit into why Byleth doesn’t have much emotion(I imagine they’ll go into it a lot more later, I’m currently about a month after the ball), but it doesn’t matter their reasoning. The writers created something, that while may be very interesting later on, shows and drags a flaw through out the game immediately. Had they given Byleth some more lines(I think the only one they actually have is when changing classes… which at that point why even get a voice) and made them more expressive I would have loved the game even more. I can look at some of the flaws and accept them for what they are, but this not so much.


Totally wrong about the weapon triangle. That is a very simple rock-paper-scissor mechanic that you don’t have to think too much about. They added interesting nuanced differences between the hit, might, crit, and speed of swords, axes, and lances, which are made more interesting by the fact that you will have different proficiencies with each of them and have access to different combat arts. It makes choosing a weapon a lot more interesting, not less. The triangle works great for Heroes because it’s straightforward, but I really like the greater nuance in TH.

Plus, being able to reclass, re-equip skills and weapons for individual characters for each mission makes your teams a lot more flexible and fun to work with on the loadout screen. But I’m a menu wonk I guess

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Another revived thread?

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