Fire Emblem: Three Houses looks to be one of the best FE games

I’m extremely hyped for this game! When it was first revealed, I was excited, but not much. We waited so long for information about the game, so I then became worried that it was canceled. But once we got that information and gameplay after those months and the Tory info NOW? It looks amazing! It takes so many story elements from GotHW and Thracia, which is fantastic! The gameplay looks great and fun, the characters look interesting, especially after the time skip, and the game looks great! You can disagree, but I think this game will be one of the best FE games we’ve had in awhile!

Story info for FETH (from the trailer from Nintendo’s E3)

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Claude is hot, that is all


Also, Claude is amazing. That is all.

@Eflakis You beat me to it lol

I see 3H thread, I see place to gush about Claude


I am just excited for Edelgard

She just looks so good.


If I could get a Switch, I’d like to play Three Houses once it comes out. My brother has one and I don’t want to borrow it just to play one game. It’s his Switch, after all.

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We Have Blond Captain Harlock That’s It

Also Lolis Are Gonne Thanks To Timeskip

Yes, because no lolis have ever been over the age of 1000 in any Fire Emblem ever

It’s been confirmed that romantic relationships can only be forged in Fire Emblem: Three Houses after the timeskip, and there’ll be no playable children. Read up on the details and watch the Treehouse demonstration here:

I meant Sothis will likely still be a loli

I’m just glad we’re avoiding the headpatting disaster of Fates.



You’re waifu is Nowi, shut up :joy:

It definetly looks good, I agree. Now to see if it can live up to the Hype
also Edelgard after the timeskip looks bad

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I love her design after the timeskip. It’s Dimitri who looks a little strange. Not bad but meh.

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Comes down to taste I guess. I think it’s just way too much red

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And now to talk about Claude, for no reason

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@HeavenlyTempest Fair enough. I like it a lot tho.

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I knew when I saw you replying you’d spread more Claude propaganda lol