Fire Emblem Three Houses: Who are you most excited for?

I don’t want to hit the maximum words again
Or be too negative
So just know I ain’t a fan

Which one is bi (I guess we dont get gay?)

I’ve already taken a couple days off work around the release, and I thought it was in June, but my boss just gave us June’s schedule and I was like wait, where’s my Fire Emblem days?! Then I checked and came to the same sad realization

Idk how true this is

We only have the T on the girls and I wanna hear the guys. Its also Sothis (gross) and Dorothe

Probably Claude, if Ferdinand is gay then I’m going with male Byleth.



I know right, I don’t wanna wait any longer. :disappointed_relieved:

Ok, but that says nothing about who’s gay

This is important info

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This almost doesn’t sound real if Dimitri gets an eyepatch


Pegasus class that can wield bows. Nice.

FByleth literally unplayable now

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“Battling metal health” is giving me some strange images in my mind

Right? Now I hope Ferdinand is gay.

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This is interesting information to say the least. I hope at least a majority of it is true.

You’ve been in a call for over 40 minutes?

47 to be exact

Facial hair is swaying me away. Ima have to see it for myself but I like the eye-patch emo


Ok, this is also making Claude look like the most unique out of the three lords, which makes me happy, cause I’m already choosing him

Would appreciate if he were LGBT, however


Linhardt? Well that excites no one