Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes General Discussion Thread

Due to the issues regarding the other Three Hopes Spoiler thread and the lack of a general gameplay discussion thread, I’m making this thread to hopefully make things clearer.

This is a designated Spoiler-free thread.

Any text, images, or screenshots containing spoilers should be tagged as such, hidden under a cut, and preferably marked as to the location in the story the spoiler is from.

To be clear, a spoiler should be designated as anything that a blind player would not know from watching the official release trailers, promotional material, or playing the demo.

And for the umpteenth time since it bears repeating, flagging non-compliant posts is the best way for both you guys and us mods to avoid spoilers and make an enjoyable experience for everyone. Asking to hide spoilers is fine, exchanging verbal barbs to score points with other users isn’t. You all know the drill by now, you have no right to complain if you don’t do anything or let someone else do about it.

Go wild and kiss anime chess pieces i guess


Also I feel I should add, if it’s alright, that if there’s anything spoilery pertaining to story it’s probably best to also note which route the spoilers being hidden are for, so that those who aren’t playing that route and don’t want spoilers for it know for sure to avoid them. Probably a given but I figured it should be said for sure anyway just in case :feh_ashepeek:


I accidentally sold almost all my building resources lol, I forgot I was in the sell section and thought I was buying them… :feh_facepalm:

Btw, you can totally cheat with the Amiibo rewards by changing the day of your switch. Money will never be an issue.


I just buy a crap ton of iron weapons then turn them in for Smithing Stones, with how much gold I make per battle, how much the Iron weapons cost, and how much I can turn them into Smithing Stones (3 with max upgrade) it’s pretty much free stones (and I make more from the battles along the way) I’m just sad because I maxed out on Smithing stones in the demo then sold almost all of them and didn’t farm enough before the full release


I need advice from those who completed the demo. I’m stuck on it, but for plot reasons :feh_bylethconfused:
Which path did you take? Did you stop to consider Shez intentions when choosing?

Early game content, but I'll still hide

As you know, Shez’s mission is to take revenge on the Ashen Demon and Jeralt’s mercenaries for his comrades. All of a sudden, (s)he got involved with the students from Garreg Mach and they insist to enlist him / her as a student. However, Shez only agreed to get the rewards and slip away. It isn’t on his / her best interest to stay with that happy group for long. The search for the Ashen Demon is much more important.

On the battlefield that preceded the reunion with the Church of Seiros, I chose the dialogue options that put his / her mission as priority, that would make Shez leave the army as soon as possible.
Dimitri understood what I wanted to do and felt sorry for dragging me into this. Claude said that he would definitely pay me back for helping them.

Now, the church wants me to be a student of one of the three classrooms. I’d rather choose no one because of Shez’s motivations, but I don’t have this choice available. As for Dimitri or Claude… this is where I’m stuck.
Dimitri understands my problem and Claude is going to pay me back. Edelgard is no different from the church as she seems more interested in enlisting my strength to the empire, so she’s out of the question. But should I side with the lion? Or with the deer?

This is much different from Three Houses because Byleth had no other important tasks at the time and his / her options were simply tied to first impressions. Picking a classroom was easy.
On Three Hopes, it is difficult to see what ties best with Shez. What would you pick if you were on Shez’s situation?

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I think you’re sweating a little too much over a decision that, from Shez’s perspective, ends up leading to essentially the same thing

Slight Spoiler

Regardless of route, Shez always winds up being a commander in their respective house leader’s army

The reason they concede to study at Garreg Mach is to become strong enough to defeat the Ashen Demon, and any of the houses would help them in that respect


That… doesn’t answer my question. It’s not about choices not mattering, it’s about what would be the most reasonable option.

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And I’m saying all of them are reasonable

Even with Edelgard, Shez doesn’t have to take her offer. They can intend to ditch them after their year at Garreg Mach is over


Roleplaying is fun and all, but you’re thinking a bit too much about it

From my point of view, Shez simply chose the house with the most interesting people. They had no real reason to join the academy, other than becoming stronger, so I think all the houses were the same to them. They just chose who to work with based on the dialogues they had in the chapter before. Like, if I were them I would have chosen the Black Eagles because I think they’re the most interesting, but that’s just me

If you have no real preference, I’d suggest to choose the Golden Deers house. Claude is the care-free house leader, which fits Shez’s personality, and it’s the house with the most commoners so I guess Shez would get easily along with them. Leonie, for example, is a mercenary just like him, and

Golden Wildfire spoilers

You get Shamir and Balthus in this route, and they both work as mercenary

But at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, Shez really wants to get their revenge on Byleth, but they also really want to help and support the house leader they chose, so any house work for them plot-wise


I was suppose to get the full game on Friday cause I ordered it

And then God said no and I can’t get Three Hopes

Hoping it comes soon :e7_ravisob:


I still haven’t finished the demo but I do have two things to say

1 I really like shez, much more than byleth, and I hope if fshez is added to heroes she’s easy to merge

2 games much more fun then I expected, I wasn’t particularly fond of the original fe warriors aside from Camillas mvp cutscene, but this so far doesn’t feel as much like a slog that I play purely for bragging rights


If you guys don’t already know you can check on the class selection menu on which character learns what skills. Comes in handy if you find a nice skill or combat art and you want to know who can get it before you eat up seals.

I’ve been enjoying the game a lot. I’m late into Golden Deer and I’m tasting those juicy master classes now. I’ve been trying out a lot of combat arts and some are definitely better than others.

If you use archers a lot use Tracking Shot. It’s insane how little durability it costs when you factor in armsthrift (obtainable by some in the archer class) and food. Breaks most of the shield gauge on its own and it’s nearly brain dead to aim.

Windsweep/Firesweep suck enemies in and hold them there as long as the enemy wasn’t blocking at the time it’s pretty much a free break.

Brawlers in general are kinda nuts in how fast they can break a stun gauge. I tried Felix on the demo as a brawler and he is nuts at full speed. Definitely gonna run him into War Master when I do Blue Lions next.


I bought Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes for my lil bro and man, it looks more fun the more I watch him play it

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I started using Lysithea for the first time and got a support with her and uh… huh… Really wonder what went wrong with that entire mess in both support and her battle remarks.


Okay, at this point some of you must have finished the game by now or most of it, so I gotta ask the following:

1-How better is this compared to Three Houses’ story?
2-For those who have played Age of Calamity or the original Fire Emblem Warriors, how good is the game performance? Is it snappy or is it as bad as AoC?
3-How good is the endgame content compared to FEW?

@Dailry_Farmer_191 Spoiler-free thread, fren. Literally the same spoiler I left the previous thread from. Keep the major spoiler units out of your comments.

Actually starting to irritate me a bit and perhaps I’ll be needing to be more hands on next FE game and put in suspensions like we did with 3H. It ain’t that difficult to hide spoilers.

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Finally got the game today and started it up

I’m enjoying the combat so far, except for the targeting going wacky at some points

I do like how they combined some of the 3H mechanics into Warriors game pretty smoothly

Still need to finish all the routes to get a full analysis but having fun


I did try the demo. That control scheme will take some getting used to, as I never played a Warriors game before.

I’ll give the game another chance before I settle on a decision. If I like it, I’ll definitely go Golden Wildfire (as the GD house was my fave of the three).

That’s a good thing about demos: you get a taste of the game before putting down the :moneybag: for it.

The story is… interesting. It’s cool to see how Byleth’s absence changes the plot, but due to that some characters feel a bit OOC, but it’s not as bad as most people say. I love the world building and the new Npcs characters, in Three Houses I couldn’t care less about the Alliance for example, now I’m really invested in its history. Supports are great, I still have to see a support I didn’t like, and there’s a lot of new information about the characters, like

Spoilers about Shamir

According to her support with Balthus and her paralogue, she’s bisexual or simply interested in women

Routes aren’t perfect, there are some questionable choices, but Houses was flawed too and it still was a great experience.

Shez is a better protagonist compared to Byleth, and the way they talk with the other characters is so different that almost no support is similar to those Byleth had in Three Houses. Shez has a great bond with the House Leader they chose, for example, but it’s a different bond compared to the one Byleth had with them. According to the devs, they didn’t want to make Byleth feel “less special”

Haven’t played Age of Calamity, but I’ve played the first FEW and Hyrule Warriors, and Hopes is the best one performance-wise. It has its problems, game would be way better if it wasn’t on the switch, but I never had major performance issues

Spoiler since it's endgame

There’s no endgame unfortunately. Nothing like Hyrule Warriors or FEW, at least. You can replay the old story maps and use unique NG+ characters, but that’s it. To be fair the “endgame” content is inside the story, before a story chapter we get A LOT of side missions, paralogues etc. But I expect we’ll get something as DLC, endgame is vital for a musou

The true endgame

Is getting every characters special accessories which takes 41 runs to do… besides that it’s getting S rank on Maddening mode on every map for every route.