Fire Fang of Fire Spin?

Entei page in gamepress says (for PvE): " Fire Fang’s higher energy gains makes it the stronger option over Fire Spin"

However, the stats listed below show:
Fire Spin: 9.09 EPS, 12.73 DPS
Fire Fang: 8.89 EPS, 13.33 DPS

Which seems to be a contradiction. So, what is the best move? What about PvP maybe?

The DPS chart says fire fang is the most efficient fast move, but i would imagine they’re very close. Can’t say anything on the “higher energy gains” thing. Must’ve been a mistake im guessing.

Fire Fang sounds cooler

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Fire Fang is just very slightly better in PVE and for PVP is a faster move so I believe its better on both situations.

In PvP, Fire Fang does better damage (4 DPT compared to Fire Spin’s 3 DPT) but has considerably worse energy gains (2.5 EPT compared to Fire Spin’s 3.3 EPT). So you can really go either way in PvP, depending on what you want out of your quick move.