First 4-ingredient a hit!

I was arranging some food items to see what got me a good success rate. Found a 4-ingredient combo with a good chance…and boom.

Apparently tactics work well in the kitchen, because Soren cooked up a 5* meal. Just don’t ask why everyone brought their mounts.

Something I noticed regarding success rates

Only certain combos of 3 or 4 net different dishes. If none are available for a combo, the success rate drops and Ingredient 3 (and 4) is an addon.

That explains why rates vary when three or four base ingredients are chosen. The former? 90 or 70. The latter? 80, 60, or 40.

…yeah, any GP article writer can use this post for a dining hall guide if they wish.


Me: Look at these morons bringing these horses and dragons indoors. No etiquette.


Lol. Seriously, folks, your horses and wyverns are not substitutes for chairs.


Yep. :birbpeek:
If you have a successful 4 ingredient dish, it’ll be 80%. Add in a secret ingredient & you are guaranteed a 5* meal (if you don’t fail)
Noticed that also while I was doing some cooking.
This means that you can avoid non-existent recipes just by looking at the rate :birbpeek:

Birb Cooking Montage

(No I don’t have 5 Yune’s. I do have a +1 Yune & 3 others though. The one with the helmet is @Tactician’s Yune :birbpeek: