First Append Skills

@Lexi’s Hit Count posts can save the day again for some servants.

Looking at the Extra Hit Counts combined with NP Gain, does the Extra Attack Damage Up (30%-50%) only benefit existing loopers or perhaps push some that were always on the cusp of greatness over the 50% mark they struggled with?


If you are using your extra attack, that means you brave chained with face cards. If you are using face cards to gain np, that means the loop failed/is going to fail.


I loop like that on a regular basis with some of the best loopers in the game.

I’m doing it in the event right now.


That isn’t a stable loop if you rely on face cards. RNG could screw you and you don’t get the right/enough face cards. Usually, append won’t help you.


That’s what I am asking.

Some servants are SO CLOSE to hitting at least 49% NP Gauge but can’t quite make it. Are you saying this damage increase won’t help in any way for those servants if they do hit a brave chain while launching their NP?

Point being made is the loop is checked on the refund from the NP, as face cards are pure RNG.

No one checks whether a brave chain pushes a servant to 49% or whatever your chosen benchmark is, because it’s huge RNG to get a brave chain and if you get one that means your NP didn’t kill the wave.

Extra card damage won’t change whether a servant refunds. See Spishtar, who has 100% extra card up on NP.


You don’t have to plan your entire strategy around hoping RNG gives you a good hand to factor in what the likelihood of hitting overkill/overgauge is due to certain card types hitting harder.

Sometimes an NP doesn’t finish the job (Not enough NP levels, not enough buff stacking due to a buff wipe, whatever) and you’re stuck counting on a brave chain to get your DPS ready for the next break bar or wave. Knowing what your servant is capable of instead of save-scumming everything can be helpful knowledge.

Times the NP your extra card generates now by 1.5 and that’s the difference, since you should typically be seeing the Extra card as all overkill in failed loops.


Not sure why you mention save scumming, rebooting the game isnt going to make me get more NP refund.


I mentioned it to make you question your loyalties.

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My allegiance is to the republic




So even just unlocking the first append skill for the 30% starting increase is a waste or just a very low priority?

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I think you mean second and 20%?

I think.

  • First is Extra Attack damage increase. With servants who have high NP gain and high hit counts on Extra, I thought it could be helpful. (30-50%)
  • Second is the mana loading.
  • Third is the special attack damages.
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The Extra Card only has a 100% NP Gain multiplier, with the 50% Extra Card Performance buff this only increases to 150% NP. For reference, an Arts Card in the 1st position has a 400% NP Gain Multiplier (300% + 100% from the leading Arts Card Bonus).

Stheno has the best NP gain on Extra Cards at 6.78. With the 50% Extra Card Performance this only increases to 10.17 or a difference of 3.39. The additional 100% NP Gain from the leading Arts Card bonus is more impactful than the NP Gain from the 1st Append skill.


Wait for real? :fgo_sthenosmug:

I get that some Servants use facecards, perhaps an Arts looper such as Hokusai or Kiara in a CQ or you know that a weak NP will reliably keep a enemy alive but you don’t need to wait 2 years to fix that, you can do it right now. An NP gain buff via CE, via a Servant such as Bride or Paracelsus or perhaps a MC such as 2004. You could bring extra charge support, again either via Servant or MC.

Trying to use a very expensive upgrade for very rare situations where nothing else works just doesn’t seem worth it.


I already do all that stuff. That’s why I am trying to learn about the benefits of a newly introduced feature.

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Personally I’m planning on this skill primarily for favorite dps servants that I like facecarding with and usually seek brave chains from… But only if it looks like I’ll have coins for multiple skills since the battery will probably be higher priority