First Append Skills

The way I see it, the extra card boost is, in the most practical sense, mostly for soloers and Summer BB locks. However the refund breakpoint changes will definitely help certain ST servants reach that all-important 49% refund from a chain. A couple of my favorite bronze and silvers sometimes land around 13%-2% short of a breakpoint (e.g… 50%, 80%, or 100%) from an NP overkill chain, so the extra card boost will enable them to loop bosses, or reduce the amount of times they need to be attacked by the boss to refund up to 50%, effectively reducing RNG. But I don’t think most players depend on (or care about) that kind of thing. Most people stick to guaranteed strength over situational buffs.

Example users in a (for lack of a better word) meta sense include servants like F/SN Cu, Heracles, OG Nero, Asako, Barghest, etc… People who you want to take up a whole deck already. That’s what most people will recommend, because they’re usually using their extra card every turn.

More interestingly, I think the servants who benefit most from this in a general sense (looking at each servant in isolation) are the servants with dreadful hit counts. A lot of decks are full of 1-2 hit QABs and then a 3+ extra, so at a purely base level their extra cards are their best, mostly to reward how unreliable the Extra Attack is to access.
So it’s really a “you love this servant, so here’s a small boost” type of skill. Though if you love a servant that much, you’ll probably have used them enough to know whether the skill benefits them much, whether you use their extra card often enough, or if the boost will even help you reach a goal you’ve previously fallen short of.


I just went ahead and updated the results in that post.
However, they do not account for passives, etc. (sadly I haven’t implemented that yet)
Lemme know if something is missing though, or if you have something specific in mind.

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Have you ever thought about placing facecard before NP ???
Its good way to get NP overkill when you’re not confident about the NP damage, especially if that facecard equipped with Da Vinci and Everyone Da Vinci CC


If it works that way I think it would push many servants to the benchmark. The extra card buff that Nero bride got two years ago is an example of that.

That said, I think the situation you are discussing is more pertinent to SINGLE TARGET boss killer loopers.

For Single target loopers like MHXA and Kama that extra bit of Umph could be all they need to reach the benchmark.

That said, it feels like the points others are making in this thread are more focused on AoE farm looping.


Yes, I did that for the raids.

I was thinking that, but figured it could have some potential for AoE wave clearing, too.

I can clear waves with Astraea and MHXX on a regular basis using BNPAEX Crit brave chains because they’re awesome in a lot of the same ways.

I’m fine being wrong about AOE potential. That’s why the thread topic is a question and not a declaration.


Perhaps that’s your answer? If you are enjoying using them for their brave chain potential now, then they seem like good choices.

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I might put this on Bedivere; his extra card is quite good IIRC.
Not for looping, but just for slow rolling.

PS: also interesting on King Hassan as well