First Lady Noble Phantasm "Blackbird Scissorhands" video?

It struck me a bit too late that I don’t know how to capture video on my phone, and boss fights are so far not replayable, so I’m out of luck myself! There doesn’t seem to be one with the English subtitles on YouTube either. If someone who can do vidcap hasn’t done the Part I boss fight with the “corrupted” version of Chloe’s NP, could I prevail on you to record it with the NP subtitle? Much thanks to the one who can!

Not my video. Also Blackbird Scissorhand is such a dumb and edgy name for an NP I love it


Woot, thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever been the first like on a video before. :^)

“Quick! Give me edgy words to make into an NP name!”
“Umm Black Blade! Black Edge? Black Scissor?”
“Come on you can do better than 3 syllables.”
“Ummm Blackbird Scissorhand?”
“I love it! But wtf is a scissorhand?”


The strongest np

Nice video thank you for sharing