First post, I guess rate my Robin?

So, hello! I’ve been hard core shadow stalking this forum for months now, and decided I might as well officially join. So, here I am with all my Robin loving joy. I thought I might as well show off my +10s, since I don’t have anything much more interesting to contribute. :feh_ashepeek:

So, here’s my Robin! I actually plan on building two of him in case there’s never another M!Robin alt, but this one I plan on giving Joint Hone Def for the C slot when I can finally pull for it. He was my first ever +10 and it took me entirelly too long since I wasn’t hard core playing the game until really late last year. :feh_ohgod:
I also want to hard core embrace my love for this Robin and pull for a Blessed Bouqet just to have that image, haha. I know it’s not the best weapon by far, but the dream team is for him to be supported by a second super support-centric Robin with Tactical Bolt and all that jazz.

Anyways, excited to participate in this community! Also, I hope I subcategoried correctly.


Welcome to GP!

Aaaaaaaa you did! I dunno how much you been stalking but ummmmmmmmmm lets just say I’m pretty happy about that

That’s one interesting build you have there. The support skill looks better to be repo or harsh command+ at the very least.
He looks pretty good, except I’m wondering how often he sets of the spd ploy?


Ah, entirely too long, haha…

I plan on the support to be Harsh Command+, actually, but I’m having very little luck pulling for it. He kinda just has normal Harsh Command because my main attackers I feel always get debuffed. :feh_eirikabulli:
However, he does at least have Repo.

And Spd Ploy is just there because I don’t have the seal I want to give him, which is Def/Res 2 unless they release Brazen Def/Res as a seal! So, I guess to answer your question, he kinda doesn’t ever, lol… :feh_ohgod:



Maybe run like brazen atk/def or brazen atk/res instead

Though I can see how being poor on coins can happen, personally I’ve got like 10 seals lining up to be created I’ve got no coins :feh_notlikethis:


:catwave: welcome to GP :feh_catria:


I have the worst luck in Arena. I don’t really have proper cores and I have a whopping two +10s, so I just kinda flail and get what little trickle I get. Right now I’m working on Phantom Speed 3, and then Brazen Atk/Spd, so Robin’s unfortunately needing to wait a hot second.

Though, thinking about it, running a Brazen Atk would help since his Atk stat with the final build is kinda really low by itself. :feh_eirikathink:

Also, thanks!! :feh_flaynsmile:


Cries in one +10

Tbh I don’t think phantom spd has many uses, the only real one I see is with the repel B!Ike build

I use it on a Yune one shot build, actually… It’s proven to work decently well. Though, I’ve gotten this far so I might as well finish it. :catlie:

I just wish Arena was kinder, lol…


Yeah I wish Arena was kinder too. Still think the mode is alright tho

Btw what’s the other +10 you’ve got?

tenor (4)
Welcome to GP! That’s a nice Robin there!


I suppose you’ve seen my trashy grammar :eyes:



Oh no doubt. Arena can be fun, I’ve just had a bad few weeks of being punched down to Rank 17. :feh_ohgod:

And this is my second +10. Serra! Ah, her build is ok, I guess. It works fine but I don’t super have fun with it. Mainly, I just feel like I wasted a CC fodder when her Def is so low and the build itself doesn’t really work well with it in the first place. Not really sure what I can do to improve her, though she’s primarily there to just Restore spam on AR, which is fun in its own right.

Thanks! And double thanks!! I’m really proud of him, and I’m hoping one day to finally finish the dream Robin +10 team. :feh_fabxan:

Haha, probs. I’ve been stalkin here for so long it just felt odd not having an account at this point. :feh_ohgod:
And thanks! I really like it on him and his Ignis can kill so many units! It’s, like, the greatest thing ever! :feh_hridexcited:


Looks at lewyns base kit… But hey at least you’ve joined the party! Hope ya stay :D

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He’s definitely looking good! Far more impressive than my own Robin. He was my first 5 star so he’s sentimental to me.


At least y’all can build units. I still got no feathers D:


Hello! :)
I’m intrigued if you combined double Savages and CC Absorb :feh_maethink:
Arena scoring sucks :/ There’s ways to improve it but tbh as long as you’re getting 4 orbs every week you’re chillin


They wouldn’t really work well together since savage blow only works on the player phase while CC is an enemy phase skill.


She looks good except I really don’t think she wanted or needed that CC.

It does open up new builds, perhaps and absorb tanky build you might wanna try out.

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QR is a good idea on him! Though, I feel like there are better A skills that Triangle Adept. :feh_eirikathink:
Though, I don’t really like TA so take that with a grain of salt. Fort Def/Res is fun, but before that I used a Atk/Def Bond, though I realize Bonds aren’t nearly as good due to Luls now.

Ah, and it seems like I’ll probably try out Absorb then! Though yeah, I don’t know why I gave her CC, though now that she has it I might as well use it.