First Summon Help

hello, I’m new to this game and I was seeing about the heroes I’m about to make my second selective summon, I was wanting Ravi, but reading some guides I saw that it seems better to get angelica.

I’m not very lucky and I know that I will not have both, my doubt is if the angelica is really necessary? or I can only guarantee myself with Ravi? and who knows in the future to end up get a Angelica.

I just like a lot Ravi, cause she is a loli and bruiser.

If you want easy progression you need Angelica. She just makes many parts of the game much easier.

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time anyway you can go with Ravi, but be aware that she is not a great character at the moment.

Are there other good heroes besides Angelica?

i reroll my account twice and don’t get any angelica neither ravi T.T

got a lot of ludwigs and basara

Almost all characters are replaceable, but Angelica is the only exception.
If you can get Achates or Tamarinne, they will be good alternatives but there is no real replacement to Angelica.