FIVE STAR raid that gave nothing but three golden razz berries

I sent a complaint with a screen shot to niantic and all they said was “raid rewards are random”, this didn’t even give me the 1000 stardust, has this happened to anyone else?

If you do NO damage to the raid boss, you don’t get the rewards… I guess this happened

I had a level 45 Mega Charizard Y, and there where only four players in the raid, lvl43, lvl39, lvl 39, and lvl 37 (partly cloudy weather so no boosts). So I’m pretty sure I did damage to it, mine also never crashed or anything that would stop me from attacking. And when I my mega Pokémon was attacking it showed the mega boost symbol next to where it shows the amount of players attacking.

Edit: that also doesn’t explain why I got three berries