Flame dragon knights (feh budget version)

so some people might have seen me mention a feh “ripoff” in the mafia chat thread that was recently released so i thought people might be a bit curious to what i was talking about :catroll:
basically i discovered this game called flame dragon knights, and it shares quite a lot of game mechanics with feh :cat:
have a look at these screenshots :catdance:

have i managed to pique your interest? :cat:

flame dragon knights is actually a pretty old game, and it’s quite similar to fire emblem, so it’s interesting to see the devs making the mobile version similar to feh :cat:


Why the chibis look so depressed? @_@


there is nothing but depression for the chibis


I think I saw Sagemaster do a video on this one XD Man it can be funny just to see how bad and blatant these rip offs are. Also looks like knock off Byleth in that first pic, although that portrait looks more like Ike in the last one.

i did first think of Ike when i summoned the Soar guy, but then the chibi looks like a completely different character it’s quite amusing :catroll:

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Because they know they’re not the real deal image


At least it has it’s own characters, unlike some knockoffs :tooobin:

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