Flareon legacy moves

So I have a legacy Flareon with CM Heat Wave. According to the Flareon page here, it is junk.

Curious why a legacy move would be so bad? I guess it isn’t the same as CD move that is especially designed to be good. But I tend to think of rare legacy moves as being better than most of the available moves.

Should I TM Heat Wave away? Or is there some use/utility I do not see?


Don’t TM it, Eevee left the wild for several weeks but it is back. Personally I’ve caught 2200 eevee according to my pokedex. Adding my Gen 1 starters combined (bulbasaur+charmander+squirtle) I’ve only caught 1900! Catch a boosted different one and evolve til you get a Flareon with a charged move you like.

Legacy moves are generally moves that existed back when GO was still new and were deleted from move pools for whatever reason.

Since there isn’t any pattern to how moves turn “legacy”, except for event based ones like CDs, therefore just because it is “legacy” doesn’t automatically mean “useful”.

Although, your Flareon might not be optimal, it is a powerful collectible. Don’t ever TM the move away!


Legacy moves cannot be learned anymore for different reasons. Some were too good and got removed, but others are bad and got replaced. Example Dragonite: Dragon Pulse removed because it’s bad, Poliwrath: Mudshot removed because it is good.

Although Heat Wave is one of the worst moves in the game, it’s best to keep it on the Flareon for collectors value.

That’s not it at all. Niantic just updated the movepools like they felt, since till gen 4 they kept the rule of 2 fast moves and 3 charge moves per species, with only a few exceptions (hitmonchan learns most punch moves, mew & mewtwo). They added new moves to species which already had a compelte moveset and simply made room. Seeing all the species affected by this it’s fair to say that for most changes not much thought went into this, which is why only a handful of legacy moves are actually better than what one currently has.
Thankfully they stopped with this…

That being said, Mud shot poliwrath certainly didn’t become legacy because it’s too good. It became legacy way before pvp was even a thing and it was considered a crap move before that, since that’s the only place people actually want it.



I am looking for good fire types to use on the Argo (I think) shadow boss.

My three blaziken have chewed through my TM’s and extra moves like Niantic was deliberately giving me Brave Bird and Focus Blast no matter what I do… I even have one that is Counter Focus Blast that I’m going to leave alone and use as a spare fighter for now.

My Charizard aren’t any better, all sporting Air Slash / Dragon Claw/Fire Blast. It gets frustrating to the point of not getting joy out of the game with the current TM setup. I tried getting the extra moves to try and improve my odds as good as possible to AT LEAST get a “B” rated fire moveset, but I just waste the very, very few TM’s I get.

I did TWO level three raids today (spent over an hour driving to find them) and got ONE FAST TM on my SON’S account. MY account got no TM’s.

So TM’s become a rarity and every time one of them goes wrong, it is like a kick in the gut. I don’t have gobs of them to go through like pineap berries or something.

Niantic seems determined to make the game less and less fun. What is strange to me, is that they could easily make money and still make us happy. For instance, selling TM’s… I’d buy a pack of five for a buck. Or five fast for a buck or three charged for a buck?

As it stands now, if you are in a rural area, POGO just doesn’t really care about you. If you are in a dense area, the game is practically free to play. I wouldn’t need to buy anything but the occasional incubator if I lived in a downtown area. But in the burbs, I spend more on gas driving places, and run out of spare time in my day to really enjoy the game like I would prefer.

Sorry for the vent. I guess that I will keep the rare but horrible charge move, but I’m not sure why LOL. I’m just trusting you all.


Evolve high CP Houndours and pray for Flamethrower.

Fixed that for you.

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Heat Wave was in the movepool for Flareon during the early game. Already back in those ancient times it was the dud of the evolution lottery - barely faster than Fire Blast, but much weaker, barely stronger than Flamethrower, but much slower. When Overheat was introduced, this became even worse.

Of course, the fact that it was always a useless attack probably makes it rare today.

Don’t do it! Lucky trade it to me instead :heart_eyes:

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