Flashing Blade 4 : Anna or Black Knight?

A while ago, I tried to pull Mareeta, and I got Fallen Mareeta instead. I don’t think I’m going to use her, honestly, so I have to fodder her FB4.

I looked at all the units I have, actually, and I can think of two who might get it : Anna and Black Knight.

First, the build I’m planning to use for BK is this :

Petal Parasol +Spd
Rally skill or Swap (depending on whether I use him for Arena/AA or AR)
Black Luna
Wings of Mercy
Panic Ploy
Seal : Atk/Spd Bond

It pains me to remove his Alondite. But he is so weak against magic, even red mages often leave him with just 20+ HP. And often it’s not even enough to let him handle a second fight. He is, in my opinion, a bad enemy phase unit, he has too many weaknesses. So I don’t need the DC of his Alondite. Petal Parasol provides lot of Spd and damage. FB4 helps to activate his special in a single combat and adds more damage per attack. He really needs more spd and atk so the Atk/Spd Bond seal is obvious. As for B slot, I need Wings of Mercy for mobility. I’m not planning to use him with another armor unit, and Panic Ploy is useful. I don’t want to remove Wings of Mercy, I love it so much on armor units, it gives them the mobility they lack, and it surprises many players.

I will use him mainly for AR, but also for AA as well. His ally support is B!Micaiah, I use them together sometimes, they make a good pair.

As for Anna, I have this build in mind :

Noatun (+Effect)
Rally skill
Desperation (or Null Follow-Up eventually…)
Drive Res
Seal : Swift Sparrow (actually on B!Lyn however) or Darting Blow

I hesitate between Galeforce and Aether, because If I were to use Aether, I want her to activate it during her first fight. Most of the time, I find it hard to activate Aether in Arena because it means getting her into a 2nd fight, this is why I’m thinking about switching to Galeforce (with Desperation). After all she really needs just one kill. We all know Anna’s main weakness is her Atk. So I thought FB4 could fix that.

I will use her mainly for Arena (and maybe in AR if I don’t have any other usable bonus units).

At the moment, I’m thinking BK might be a better user of FB4 than Anna. What do you think ?

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Im thinking you need to fodder such a best in slot skill to a worthy unit instead… i have so many other units in my barracks that would die to have this over black knight or anna.


Do you have some units in mind ?

Black Knight is a weird choice when Fighter skills exist :feh_bklul:

Anna could use it decently well, but I’d rather give it to a merge project.
A strong and fast Galeforcer like Raven, Linus and Lon’qu for example :feh_linusattack:


Well… Anna is not that bad with it being bonus unit. I guess Navarre works too.

The problem with Anna (and the rest of the askr trio) is that they suck. Even as a bonus unit, they are absolutely outclassed by the type of units we are seeing being added into the game.

On top of this, inheriting really rare skills to the Askr trio means you probably can’t get them back without killing the unit. Honestly, I would rather fodder 2nd tier skills to these units, and save the really good stuff for the crème de la crème.

There’s a lot of fast infantries that would LOVE flashing blade 4. The list is endless, from merge projects to highly merged legendary heroes. Lots of units want this.

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I’d say give it to Anna if you really want to use her. Anna has higher speed and Black Knight would be better with Bold Fighter as it guarantees him to double. It also makes it easier for him to trigger Black Luna.

Like people already said. Neither are particularly logical options.

BK already has access to Bold Fighter, which is much more reliable than Flashing Blade 4 for a Black Luna focused build. Furthermore, those offensive build don’t really have a place in the current metagame.

As for Anna, she makes good use of Flashing Blade 4 as a Galeforce unit. Unfortunately lack of merges meant that she will see little to no use outside of her bonus season. You cal also probably have a decent level of consistency with less investment (Slaying Axe, Fury and Flashing Blade seal) for bonus seasons.

Use Flashing Blade 4 on actual merge projects would be more helpful. You could do just about anyone that either has an easier time merging, or you just simply like the character and don’t mind spending orbs for. That would maximise your returns on investments for the fodder.

@Jun1001 I’d say Anna but I’d also suggest either close call or lull spd/def(if either is feasible).
Lull spd/def helps her make sure she always follows-up and always proc’d fb4, as well as helping her mediocre damage.
Close call works on the other side of the coin; rather than help her damage output, it helps drastically reduce her damage intake. Additionally, the hit and run effect helps her stay safe(especially should she fail to proc galeforce)

Oh I do love the chance to flex. :muscle:t2:


Anna is gonna be for ever in the rotation, giving you consistent choices for bonus units.
If you +spd refine Noatun she has 47 speed (with flowers) + 6 with darting blow = 53.
I would do it, since the ask trio will always be there for any new mode.

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Yes but like I said in my post, I do not want to give up wings of mercy. So, no special fighter or bold fighter.

@KJSlacker and @Maskilraid, same as I explained in my original post. I don’t want to give up WoM. Armor units are difficult to use because of their 1-space movement. WoM solves this problem somehow. Also, FB4 adds 10 true damage, and sometimes when activating Black Luna, the enemy is left with few HP. FB4 solves this problem.

I’m using Anna for arena only when she’s a bonus unit. Sometimes I have no better option, so when this happens I have to use her. I admit BK has my preference actually because he is my favorite unit, and because I could also pair Anna with Marth to activate his Infantry Flash. This is easy to achieve with Noatun refined effect. I might lose the +10 true dmg but I can compensate somewhat with an offensive A skill

Well I feel a little obligated to throw my support behind Anna for this

FEH builder Tournament #2: Low Tier Edition

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I like this idea, but I know other units which might use this rare skill better than her. As I said, I’m going to use Anna mainly for Arena, nothing else (probably). Just getting one kill and then run away. Galeforce + Flashing Blade + Desperation is the idea. If Anna can’t kill in one combat, she might get the kill once Galeforce activates. If she gets two kills, this is wonderful, but honestly, just getting one kill is more than enough. I’m not expecting much more from her. We all know how weak she is.

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Oh no there are definitely much better users of both of those skills lol

What I meant by this, is that I’m willing to invest in Anna, but not too much. FB4 is already a big investment. I wouldn’t go so far as to give her Lull spd/Def or even Close Call on top of FB4. I would use those for units I regularly use for Aether Raids.

I know I’ve said it in my original post but I need to emphasize that since I’m using BK mainly in AR (especially offense), an armor unit is a big liability especially if one cannot use it in enemy phase, and BK is a very bad EP unit. WoM solves this problem, and is a big asset with my Galeforce units. My BK has light blessing, so as some of my galeforce units. They benefit from the spd bonus provided by Peony. He has summoner support too, so with Peony etc he can easily reach 60 spd, and teleport everywhere in the map to kill tanky units that my galeforce units or Matthew can’t destroy.

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BK shouldn’t have it. Armours have fighter skills, without using igniter skills you may as well be using a high BST infantry with bad SI options and no movement. Anna is honestly rubbish, and her spd isn’t even that high to rely on FB4. Fodder it to someone else honestly

Alright, I agree with the others that FB4 should go on someone other than these two. If you forced me to pick one without changing your builds, I would pick BK because you said he’s your favorite unit and I assume he gets more use (every other week in Light season vs. Arena bonus unit Anna). However, I have a suggestion for each one.

Don’t give Anna FB4, instead give her FB3, preferably as a seal, but whatever works (S!Ylgr has it for A slot).

For Black Knight, I understand your reluctance to give up Wings of Mercy, but hear me out. The main remaining reason to use armor units is their exclusive access to the Fighter skills, particularly Special Fighter on speedy armors like BK. You give that up for mobility, but there are MANY other ways to move armors around. The trade-off just isn’t worth it.

Why aren’t you using Ground Orders on B!Micaiah, which comes in her base kit, to move him around? Seriously, it’s the best C slot for moving armors, it works in all modes (scores well), and normally it’s hard to get, but B!Micaiah comes with it.

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Also, if you’re using two Mythics, which you should be especially in Light Season, you can only run one Galeforce unit unless there is a bonus unit that happens to be able to run Galeforce (not consistent week to week). So Black Knight is only killing one unit and the Galeforcer is killing two. Are your mythics running WoM? If so, you can kill up to 5 units total if everything works out with positioning. Assuming you’re high enough tier, you need to kill 6 or risk losing units. Are you giving WoM to a bonus unit every week to try to kill off the last one? Are you hoping that the last one isn’t near the others? Are you counting on Peony being able to dance your Galeforcer to kill two more units? Or are you not using two Mythics and sacrificing your score to make your strategy work?

The reason I ask these questions isn’t because I want the answers, it’s because I want you to think about how well your unorthodox strategy is working. People don’t generally do what you’re describing with BK set up like you’re suggesting because it’s not a reliable strategy. If you are having fun using BK because you love BK, by all means, go for it. Toss FB4 on him and rock on! Just be aware that it is putting premium fodder on a suboptimal unit for it, to use a suboptimal strategy.