Floatzel or Clawitzer for a water type damage dealer?

Pretty much what it says on the tin. For those of us who need to use a Water type for primary offense and don’t have Feraligatr, which of these two win out (and thus who I should bother with)?

Starmie is support focused and Empoleon is pretty weak, so looking towards one of these two for it.

Depends on the attack type then. Want physical strikers? Go for Floatzel. Special strikers? Clawitzer is great.

In a hypothetical situation where Physical/Special doesn’t matter and I can only pick one, which one wins out? I can support either type, but don’t really pay attention to the specific defenses of each and every enemy Pokemon to want to invest in both a Physical and Special right now. Just looking for at least one good type advantage for each type (or at least as many types that are feasible in the game currently. RiP a good Fairy).

It’s really hard to say then. Floatzel has access to a maxed Atk and Crit rate, but is more taylored for Tech purposes, since it has Aggravation as passive, so basically Floatzel is suited for dealing damage while simultaneously slowing the enemy. Clawitzer on the other hand has self heals, limited sure crits and +4 Sp. Atk, but it’s almost certainly just to hit the opponent hard, and it has access to another Fighting type move, which you might need in a tight situation.

I’d recommend Clawitzer. Despite Floatzel being able to reach max attack by itself, Clawitzer brings more damage to battles considering both used their self buffs, plus Clawitzer has the chance to max its own crit without any support help while Floatzel can’t do that on its own

FYI, Crasher Wake has Dire Hit + if you didn’t know.

Oh, my bad. I probably got used to the bugged period when everyone had the weak dire hit version. Still, Clawitzer usually deals the most damage between the two

Yep that’s true.

Aighty, ty all. Went with Clawitzer and am hoping to get its level caps broken soon. It’s still a bit behind in the queue for Strikers for me, behind Iris, Roxie, and Chauntal for personal reasons.

Gonna use this thread to make a simple question: is Kris worth pulling for when you have Clawitzer, though? Because I don’t have Kris and I’m not sure if it’s worth spending gems just for her.

Considering we have plenty of water pairs, some of them are pretty good and I already have, I still want other people’s opinions, what do you guys think?

Maybe…maybe not. Depends again on the target’s weakness though, physical or special.

But another factor to consider might be that what you have right now. If you have the full 5* strike team (Blue, Karen and Brendan) and a couple other good ones (like Hilda), sure go for it, Kris is pretty useful regardless. If you wanna save gems for a future pull, then you’re probably better off spending not more than 3000 gems.

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I’d go a bit further and say that Kris and Gatr are pretty much the be-all-end-all for Water damage just because of their ability to easily chunk out between 5k-6k damage before the enemy can Sync move, without external support (support certainly makes them even better of course) due to how ridiculously good “Pick Up the Pace!” is as a buff for that pair.

But not like “must have” like Brendan/Olivia/Blue are generally seen as. So if yu have Clawitzer leveled and thus have a ‘good enough’ Water attacker, yu don’t likely need to go out of your way for Kris.

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Guess I’ll save my gems for Blue or perhaps even save for new pairs, then. Right now I don’t feel like Kris would improve my roster that much

I have kris since my first roll and find the pair to be pretty lackluster. hits heavy, yes, but like a few others poor accuracyncan get you in trouble real fast esp in coop mode. If you already maxed claw and flotz, I wouldn’t chase kris. You’ll pull kris chasing somebody else.

That’s really the main drawback to Kris. I have been constantly using her to solo Barry EX VH using my own strategy, so I got her to Lv100. No regrets.

Yes. The two big uses for Kris are Ex Brock and Ex Flannery. She performs much better than any other Water-type in those scenarios because

  • Water-weak Pokemon have weaker physical stat in those fights
  • Better bulk and Endure. Against Brock’s Lunatones, she only gets 3HKOed by Rock Slide, and is still a 3HKO even if critted. Every other Water-type striker (and Wake) is at best 2HKOed and OHKOed if crit. Similarly the bulk makes a difference against Flannery.
  • Deals more damage more quickly. She may have imperfect accuracy, but Mega Kick has very high base power, and the accuracy is compensated enough by her trainer move since it adds a guaranteed crit bonus, with Speed helping for longer battles. In comparison both Waker and Siebold have moves with about 1/4 to 1/3 of Mega Kick’s base power - the trade-off of power to accuracy is really in Kris’ favour. Kris also does have one of those moves if she really wants 100% accuracy.

Depends. Floatzel buffs status conditions. Clawizter hits harder (stronger moves). Clawitzer appeals more to me because when I use it, its for DPS. I feel like I’d use Floatzel to disrupt with some damage being the benefit. He’s almost a technical pokemon for me. Almost.

You havent used Granbull right, I can tell. Granbull is amazing, and shines in battles with buff-hungry opponents, just like Xatu. Both those pokemon have Impervious, too, so they’re still beautiful after surviving a Sync Move. (I love Impervious-type passives… mm delicious). Otherwise, without opponent buffers, (much like Xatu) it’s average or lower. Granbull does hit decently, too, without buffs. Tis why its a technical pokemon and not a striker. I would be more willing to choose Granbull for the Solgaleo event if it wasn’t allergic to steel cuz that cat is going to sharply buff itself well and good, and I’d love to steal/copy those buffs.