Flooded with 2k eggs?

Is anyone else getting an overwhelming amount of 2k eggs from stops? I started noticing it about the 6 weeks ago. I have two accounts and both of them have 9 2k eggs in them. I typically try and keep 7k eggs in them to avoid this, but I’m on vacation and hit a spot where I couldn’t open more gifts, and the result is a flood of 2k’s. I don’t want to blow through all of my incubators so I think I’m going to weed them out. If it’s not just me it seems like a sneaky/insidious way for Niantic to raise it’s prices. Just another reason why this game frustrates me.

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I also only collect 7 and 12 to avoid this garbage 2 km, that gives shitty spawns and no XLs.Never spin stop, when have egg slot. But once i had to, and also most of the eggs from stops were 2 kms. i understand your frustration, bro.

I’ve found this to be a problem since the wall-to-wall events started. Whichever out of 2k and 5k eggs has the preferred/highlight event spawns seems to be turned up. I do tend to avoid eggs from stops if I can but often 7k eggs are as bad and 12k eggs are difficult if you can’t find the right leader to fight.

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I actually like my 5km eggs the best now due to the decent chance of discovering Togekiss and Wobbuffet XL. There’s also Skarmory and Bronzone, but they are rare.

Also, at least 2kms are easy to hatch, there were times where I get nothing but 10kms or 2kms and the 10kms happen to be mostly Espurr or Klink.

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I don’t care so much about the spawns, but more about the fact that it forces you to blow through incubators at a rapid rate. If you’re not paying attention the $ will add up. It’s a really sneaky way of raising their prices. Just another example of Niantic sleaze. Most other companies have to show their price increases. Niantic just triggers things that cause their customers to blow through their indirectly purchased items faster. It’s barely noticeable if not paying attention.

I still havent Espurr evolution in pokedex. 5 kms are okay now, but i wont risk spin stops to get 90% 2 kms.

I agree, at least 2KM eggs are super quick to hatch and can help when you get those “Hatch X eggs” research quests. Personally, its the 5km eggs that are most annoying since they don’t give tons of stardust (like 10km and 12km) and they don’t have many good 'mon in them (like the 2km). At least 7km are good trade fodder.

5km eggs now have a bunch of decent stuff in them that I want to get for XLs.

Wynaut, Togepi , Skarm and Bronzor are all great.

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THIS. Nothing to add.