[Fluff] question for multi-server players


I’ve been playing NA for a little under a year now and managed to finish part 1, and recently started thinking about multi-server players. Is it really difficult to balance more than 1 account? I keep hearing good things about JP like how (relatively more) generous their quartz giveaways are.

But also, I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t really read the story or dialogue lines. Translations can probably be found online, but then i’d be glued to a computer all the time, and I probably wouldn’t fully enjoy the story. Plus, balancing two accounts is probably going to eat up a lot of effort.

…so, I guess the question is, is it fun playing more than one server?


For having trying to have another JP account and play it, I don’t think it’s that fun. In fact I don’t really understand the point to have two account. We have already enough event like that in NA and at least we can understand the story. And personnaly, I don’t have the time at all to use my other account. It ealrdy takes all my times to manga correctly my NA account


I tried playing 2 accounts. It isn’t exactly hard, I managed to rush most of the story up to Camelot in less than a week (and have about 1000 AP) but it’s frustrating and annoying that you need to clear first part in order to play most of the events, or that you don’t really have materials (Stuck in Camelot with most servants stuck at 2nd stage at best) Then you need some benevolent player to add you to their list and being able to use their servants to get through content.
But the main issue is that you just lose the motivation to keep playing. Like, yeah, future banners and gacha needs, but then whats the point if you need a material you’ll find in Lostbelt when you’re still in Camelot struggling against some sphinx?
Training grounds get annoying after a while, and you must wait for the day of the class you need. QP isn’t exactly a need but you’ll use all of them suddenly, and XP farming gets annoying aswell.


…so, I guess the question is, is it fun playing more than one server?

Definitely. Or at least, if you have the time for it. I think part of the background for a lot of players is that the starting point is different. Consider my situation:

  1. I started playing around a year before NA launched. NA Server was never going to be a thing (or so we thought), so naturally playing as is was the only way to play. I just enjoyed the franchise a lot, and seeing the characters come to life was enough for me. In addition, this was the first gacha I ever played. For whatever it’s worth the gameplay concept (if one can control themselves) is quite engaging given one’s limited resources - and I don’t dislike any Servant too much so I was happy with whatever. Being blissfully aware of just how bad my gacha luck was at the time (though I did roll Artoria!) also helped.

  2. After half a year I had kind of nothing left to do on my main JP Account. I was caught up, little quartz was left to grind out via Interludes and thelike and all Free Quests and Main Quests were exhausted. Yet, I wanted to play a bit more, especially after I had waited for FEH and found it disappointing.

  3. So I made an alt that Winter period with amazing gacha luck (Waver spook…) around MHXA’s banner. I only played it when I had some spare time during downtime but it was fine, it stopped me from opening the wallet and it was a good distraction if I played games that weren’t action-heavy (Civ, Persona, Trails of, etc.)

  4. Then NA launched after all, I figured I could finally read it, so obviously I had to participate. Since the early game wasn’t very heavy on the to-do and JP at the time wasn’t that immediate I was fine.

  5. Which means I have 3 accounts. Since I staggered them, every time I started a new one I was already at end-game. I didn’t need to grind exp, I could complete events just fine with what I had, and I had some great speed up tools on my JP alt (Waver and grailed NP3-5 Berserker that smashed everything). I could log on, and dump my AP if needed - but I never really spent AP much outside events.

All it takes for me to maintime the alt is to log on per day. I don’t do much more outside singularities and the odd simple events (CCC was too time consuming to run twice and do NA), while I shave off a bit of time on the rest of by having top quality skills and 3-turn set-ups. I only do “slow” runs if I want to save apples like I do now with Gudaguda.

It helps that I write the guides for NA, so I can path out the event with as little time as possible.


It’s fun for me, cuz I don’t have the same servants.


Like Buki mentioned it is fun testing out different servants, especially if they aren’t available yet in NA. It also encourages you to raise other lower rarity servants that have received buffs. Paraselcus for instance will be my next priority (or once my basic needs are covered)

It also makes you appreciate your current team more when you are unable to rely on it. Honestly it is different playing with substandard support and lacking dps in every class…but at least I can use DPS support instead so it is kind of an upside.

One other advantage is that it helps reveal a glimpse of the future and if there are any servants you will be interested in eventually obtaining or not.
There is a large difference between reading about skills and stats and actually experiencing using them. Some might look boring on paper but are fun to actually use.

Only downside is the required materials are story locked unless you are lucky with events and they might also require progress in the main story. It is discouraging to try and catch up to do events in order to raise servants you need in order to catch up. Feels like a proper catch 22.
I’m still in that boat, I need something from Lostbelt 3 for my favourite Servant and I’m only halfway through the second.

As for the story, my japanese is basic and beyond rusty so I skip it. I’ll read everything when NA catches up.


Just to add to what others said, I started with NA but have since, recently, made an alt account on JP purely to mess around with the new servants. I’m exclusively F2P on JP whereas I’m what you’d consider a dolphin on NA and it definitely makes things interesting having to deal with the cards I’m dealt by mama gacha. I’ve had some pretty godlike luck on JP though which is ironic considering I don’t spend on it, and JP does indeed hand out bundles of SQ like it’s candy sometimes.

It’s just fun to be able to try out using new servants or even old servants you don’t use on your main. As an example, I play this game mostly for the male servants and I don’t really buy into the whole loli/waifu fandom. My main account consist of mostly maxed male servants with the occasional female I just really like. My JP account is the complete opposite on purpose. I find I get some added enjoyment out of using all these other servants I purposely avoid on my main and that’s why I continue to log into JP.

I don’t go all ham on events or anything and I will always place priority on NA as that’s where I’m most invested with my team, but it’s nice to have a new servant come out and instead of just reading about it or watching a video like a typical NA player, I can just log into my JP account and try it out from one of my supports, or maybe even roll for it myself.


Hey, thanks for the replies.

It kind of looks like the answer is “it’s fun, but only if you have time, and are willing to double grind for materials and playing the story/events” so i guess i have to think really hard before starting an alt account


its a bit scummy BUT
there are people probably willing to sell(or give for almost nothing)
their jp acc
with mats/good servants or even story completed
so remember to look into that if you want to play jp ^-^