Fly vs. Sky Attack

Don’t expect many Flying types to get Fly, it’s better than Sky Attack in PvE.

Huh it’s the same as sky attack in pvp. Pretty interesting seeing as pretty much every flying type in the main series game can learn it. Wonder if they’ll throw it on old mons to make them more relevant.

Too bad it’s just that dumb pikachu that can learn it…

Well fly is long overdue! While I don’t think most people care about Balloon Pikachu having fly, it might just foreshadow it being out there for more 'mons. Sadly I think only four pokemon learn it without TM but that doesn’t mean the others won’t learn it ever.
The question is being there so many pokemon who can learn it, will they enable it for most/all of those? Or just a select few to cater to the community for meta sake?
Wait ‘n’ see I suppose

So many can learn it via HM. Charizard, Pidgeot, Xatu, Crobat, even Dragonite…

Almost every flying type learns it main games.

Maybe this is pointing to a Staraptor CD? That said, I think it would be so absurdly OP there would never be a reason to use a different Flying-type (or possibly even Fire type…). Thoughts? Would Fly-Staraptor be too much?

Fly Staraptor isn’t OP but still a good pick if you need a Flying type attacker.

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Of course I meant without TM/HM. Only by leveling up very few do

Dragonite with Claw/Fly is super scary…

But for PvE, it doesn’t have a flying-type fast move so it wouldn’t be that great. PvP would be another story but it’s still walled pretty bad by steel-types so it would be an improvement but not OP. I’m excited about Staraptor being the #2 flying-type for PvE (as well as much improved in PvP) if it got a potential CD (which I see as fairly likely).

Don’t you mean only “dumb pikachu that can’t even evolve” can learn it? If the balloon tethered rat could evolve it might be a really good PvP pick … just guessing on that.

Oh yeah! Running Volt Switch-Thunder Punch+Fly would be pretty OP! Delete most grass-type leads and even deal some solid damage on mudbois. But for whatever reason Niantic has decided that the last several event pokemon are not evolve-able. :man_shrugging:

Well in the original games obviously other pokemon can also learn it. But yeah in this game it’s only that specific pikachu that has it

Dragonite can learn Wing Attack in the MSG, so Niantic could easily give it that move via a movepool update