Flygon for great league - 1/13/[email protected] or 2/15/[email protected]?

I caught two shiny Trapinch today with good PVP stats. Evolved both to flygon with earth power.

The highest I can power them to are lvl 21 and 20.5, with CP of 1487 and 1466 respectively. HP would be 124 and 123, but how to calculate the influence of the different atk and def?

Which will perform better in great league PVP?
How would I go about assessing this?

Both of them are close to that level so the stardust cost to level them up is dwarfed by the dust + candy needed to get DC as second move, so this is not a factor.


The one with higher level will usually be better.

Side note: Earth Power is inferior to Earthquake actually despite the lower energy cost.

According to this, the 1/13/13 has a higher stat product, so it’s probably the better option. Just keep in mind that Flygon is fairly niche because it’s pretty squishy, and Earth Power is more a side-grade than an upgrade. It comes out faster, but has less power, meaning it’s slightly less effective in shield baiting.

Thanks! Yeah - I know it’s not an awesome pvp pokemon, but it’s shiny, and I got two with good pvp stats, so I figured I might as well.

The 1/13/13 it is.