Flygon Movechange, calling it

My Local discords pretty much a blaze with ‘another bad nonlegendary, breakthroughs are trash’ rants at trapinch’s breakthrough placement.

I won’t be suprised to hear if other gatherings are like that, but i’d like to also mentioned that last time this happened, the last 3 actually, all those pokemon had movesets that were changed in some form by PvP
Ferrothorn and Eggtree had bulletseed which got altered, and the shinx line had wildcharge, wish also got altered. And it seems the same thigns going to happen to flygon, granted we dont know how it will change, but I think its likely there will be some change with it, your thoughts? And what do you think a change could be if/when added.

Hard to see how its moveset can be improved though, it’s already pretty great and still doesn’t see much use as it’s stat distribution and typing just don’t fit the meta… Dragon Tail could get faster energy gains which might make it more relevant in UL but it already has mud shot…

If they’re not adding new moves, it would have to be a stone edge or dragon tail update because all of flygon’s other moves are already excellent. Stone edge is already quite good though and I wouldn’t want bastiodon to get stronger

Giving it Dragon Breath does a number of things in both great and ultra.

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Moveset change, unlikely.
Moveset improvement, easy: dragonbreath

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Bastiodon was basically forced out of great league by registeel, but i dont think a change to stone edge would happen.

I think a change to dragon tail might be something, since the move is, as far as pvp moves go, not bad, but its outclasses completely by dragon breath, I could see changing it to be like wing attack, or a faster energy move would make sense, given basically only steelix used it because iron tail was just bad.

By moveset change I meant any sorf of alteration in its movepool, be it new move or altering old ones.

Dragon breath allows Flygon to beat Umbreon, Dragon Tail and Mud Shot won’t allow that. Many of the other targeted scenarios don’t really change much though, regardless of fast move

I don’t believe a move that’s nowadays in flygon’s moveset will change, they are all quite good actually. Dragon tail’s problem is that it has to compete with dragon breath, wich is just OP. See how ice shard is an amazing move, sharing stats with dragon tail.
The next moveset changes wave could be possibly with the bug themed event of june (26). Bug type move rework perhaps, u-turn introduction (?). Flygon can learn the move, that way Niantic can fit all this things, like you said

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ice shards amazing because frost beath is what the ice types get who dont get poweder snow, and frost breath is horrible. Even then ice shard isnt that great neutrally, its generally used because it charges moves like icy wind or on lapras, ice beam, and was brought because it specifically beat Altaria (and because dewgong also gets icy wind, and its the fastest charging move dewgong has), give a move like that to a glassier pokemon like flygon and decrease the effectiveness profile from good numberof super effective targets to neutral or worse against everything but dragon, it doesn’t hold up as well.

its all about relative to everything else, yes on its own DT is a good move statistically, the prolem is that its not fast enough in energy to outshine dragon breath, which is why I think its going to be changed. Nothing uses dragontail unless its other moves are just that awful, see steelix.