Flying Bois get married

This feeds my fudanshi needs :feh_nekoduma:

Who did you support your Ashnard with?


Soren :feh_nini:


Summoner Support only :feh_micaiahsmug:


Since I got FEH pass this month he gets summoner support for being one of my AR tanks :cat:

Now all we need is Arion and archsage Soren.

I usually never bother with supports in feh.

They’re such a bother and I really only like canon pairings.

Since you asked…
No one…

Haven’t even touched the guy - I will level him up to 40 during the TT and claim his DF, beyond that he’ll do fine keeping the benches warm.

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Aw they can be fun sometimes plus they give stats. I just love to see them get the S support and be blushing :feh_rinea_smile:

But he’s such a good boi he deserves a chance :catcry:

I kid you not, I’ve had the pass since the 28th of last month and not once have I touched the extra summoner supports.

I just forget it exists, and it’s just a hassle I don’t feel like dealing with.

My summoner support will most likely never change until a certain someone gets into feh.

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That may be, but my sword flier of choice will ALWAYS be


Oh I see. Yeah it’s kind of annoying to build them. I actually change them each week for AR but I don’t really complete them I just place them on the support and then they build it. I got the pass this month because of Hector and I find it actually so broken to be able to have multiple summoner supports. It’s crazy. I placed Travant on the last slot just so he could soak debuffs for Ashnard…

She’s cool and also a good unit. I only have her summer variant though :feh_legion:

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The extra stats from it can be nice but I like it if my units can function without them. Being reliant on it kinda makes it feel… not as worth.

As for ally supports, that’s also a big pain and, again, I only really like doing canon pairings.

Also side note, I have the unpopular opinion of not liking weapon effects and refines like Corrin’s, Velouria’s and Clive’s. A support effect that only works on/with one, specific (pre-set) unit is an absolute turn off.

Yeah I would kinda like if I could handle everything without summoner support but Hawkeye really needs it for AR. I also use Corrin with him because I have to make him work with what I have. Those weapons are not exactly my favorites but I find Corrin to be really good overall for AR, pve content… he handles himself well. I don’t really have Velouria but I wouldn’t use her probably. I don’t dislike her weapon in particular but she doesn’t seem that fun for me.

And finally Clive/Mathilda… I just don’t like them at all. I played echoes for a bit and Clive is like equally bad in feh and in Echoes and I just can’t stand their personality it’s like their whole personality is just each other and maybe a bit of the Deliverance. They are just annoying as characters for me. (it’s not like I’m fond of the deliverance in particular anyway). Can’t use units I don’t like so their weapons are totally off limits for me.

Gasps does this mean…

Gay = Evil


:feh_surtr: :feh_surtr: :feh_nekoduma: More like evil gay

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My who now?


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Aw poor boi :catroll: he needs love too.

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Honestly he does look pretty good ngl. But I don’t have much reason to build him atm


My reasons were just that he is fun and I like him. Logical reasons? Probably none :feh_nino:


Me upon building speed Reinhardt