FLyon or FIke? (Poll)

I saw similar questions like this but in my case I already pulled FLyon, 2. I have not picked my free 40pull, still not certain of FLyon or FIke.
Is FIke that good? Some say he’s just another swordie but some say he’s really good. Also in terms of money worth, since red pool is hell, FIke is the better choice.
However, as a character I like FLyon more and might plan to merge more of him someday.
I’m going to put a poll here. Please help me decide!

  • F!Lyon
  • F!Ike

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If you already have F!Lyon, who is an excellent one-off…assuming he doesn’t have crappy IVs, he can get the job done pretty much just as well unmerged vs +10 because of percentage-based ranged damage reduction. If yours doesn’t have bad IVs, I’d definitely choose Fallen Ike since Chaos Ragnell scales very well competitively, especially in Aether Raids due to all the Panic/debuffs. He can perform well outside of AR too and hard counters many buff- or debuff-dependent heroes (e.g. he can reasonably fend off even a Dominance-boosted Bridal Micaiah attack and OHKO her back except under the most extreme debuff/buff swing circumstances). His base kit is also very strong on its own, and only gets better with Bond 4 skills or DD4 (Atk/Spd Bond 4 in particular has amazing synergy with his kit by boosting his important offensive stats and neutralizing penalties after Chaos Ragnell’s effect takes place).


I’d say this is your answer. You may already have a couple copies of him, but if you really like him/want to +10 him that makes him the better choice imo. Sure, Ike is really good, but he’ll most likely get powercrept next month, but F!Lyon will most likely stay relevant for a long time to come.

Besides, it always feels better when it’s someone you like.


Can’t speak for Lyon,but Ike…I’ve been testing him in AR and his Ragnell is incredibly broken,but if Lyon is your favorite I’d just stick with merging him.

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I’d say Lyon if you want to merge him, Ike if you want the fodder since, y’know… :feh_sothispout: Too many swordsmen. And he doesn’t bring a lot of new things to the table aside from the situational debuff thing.

Idk, I played around with the Ike I got and found him really good, but nothing all that special when you compare him to other broken speedy sword infantry units.


I’d pick F!Ike, because only one F!Lyon merge isn’t going to change much for him now or for getting him to +10 eventually, but that one F!Ike is either a really awesome unit or excellent fodder. He does well as a one-off due to damage reduction, just like F!Lyon, both in situationally differing AR-O tank roles. If you’re already flush with Repel/Close Call units, then F!Lyon, but if not, F!Ike.


Another thing to note is that when these two appear on other banners in the future, Lyon will be a lot easier to get due to how much less bloated the green pool is :feh_birbpeek:

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I’d say get the Neutral Lyon.

F!Ike only really has 2 bad ivs while Lyon has 3.

How does he compare to FByleth?

I don’t have her, unfortunately. :catcry: But F!Ike is more EP oriented while F!Byleth seems to be more PP oriented, so they fill different roles, in a way.

If I were to compare them anyway, I’d bet on F!Byleth being the better unit because of Creator Sword alone, but I can’t be sure.


You know… Making this poll makes me feel like asking people to choose whether to follow your heart (FLyon) or head (FIke) :joy:

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Hmm I think you’re right… I tried to test him on book IV lunatic chp7 with some of my sword units and my Xander defeated him in turn 1 EP. Also with unmerged Lif, +spd, on both turn2 PP and EP when his Atk/Spd are boosted.
So now it’s just a matter of wanting his Repel or not, since Repel is pretty rare.

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They serve sorta different roles

I would say F!Byleth is better on PP and Ike is better on EP.

Overall… I would say F!Byleth is probably better imo because her Creator Sword leaves more flexibility in builds than just the usual stuff.

Though F!Ike is good on EP, he can’t do the Windsweep+Galeforce stuff that F!Byleth can, which is super effective

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Yeah FIke is like BIke but speedier and a DC sword. He’s really good but when the opponent is fast, he’s basically just another swordie. Since FByleth is more PP, is it really worth it to give her repel?

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Not really

Windsweep is already such a good option there’s really no need, for a PP set.

No point in reducing damage when you can just take none

And besides she can easily get out of the danger zone by galeforcing in then running away after, and maybe getting repoed


I’m closing the poll cause the banner is ending in a few hours, thanks all who voted!

I decided on FLyon! :blush: