FMorgan: Atk/Res Rein vs. Spd/Res Rein

I was thinking of pulling on the new banner for fodder for my FMorgan, who looks like this at the moment:

I’m not sure which of the two Reins would be better, though. I don’t know how salvageable her Spd is, though it could help her avoid some doubles.

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Probably spd/res rein if you get some help for her, maybe +spd and spd boosting skills, idk.

Atk/res rein is mostly not as useful imo unless you’re running something like sturdy impact; she’s definitely dying to physical and she’s definitely not dying to most mages.


Spd/res rein (unless you want some bulky shenanigans with atk/res rein),but I would change the build a bit if it was me.

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