Fodder Advice anyone?

So, little old me here got rather lucky over the last while, I obviously have a few questions regarding units. So here’s the advice I need help with Slaps on inspirational music ALA Darkness of the Unknown

1st order of business, I got a Summer Laev (bad IV’s so sadly not a usable option), and she’ll be relegated to fodder. I already gave Mirror Impact to some of my more deserving units (B!Micaiah comes to mind), and I’m looking for who else wants it.

The options are Elincia (+def so it would be fine with either Mirror or Sturdy Impact) at +2, then we have Eir (I believe Sturdy Impact might be better, but maybe I’m stupid), Naesala is also another option, whilst I also think he may enjoy Sturdy Impact more given his low def (Mines’ +10 so his def would reach 39 with Sturdy, and his Res would reach the high 40’s given Mirror Impact).
Other more strange options would be Ishtar (+3 but I think things along the lines of LnD4, Special Spiral, or other things would be better suited for her), or Sonya (she has Special Spiral, so I could run Mirror Impact with Iceberg or something like that for maximum single target nukeage), and or Kinshinka(+2 but would preffer Sturdy due to low def, I imagine)

2nd order of business, I got an Igrenne. Horribly IV’s. Like, ugh. Not worth using whatsoever (+def-atk, which blows, since I like her). The obvious thing I should do is fodder, my issue is that I have a few options, given how good her fodder is. LnD4+Special Spiral (Via inheriting LnD3 first), or Pulse Smoke with LnD4 (which makes no sense but ehh, better to not waste LnD4).

The units I’ve thought of giving them to are Echidna (AR Special Spiral Noontime WoGun build for speedy enemy teams), future Eyvel demote build (same as the one above, maybe), L!Alm (Special Spiral and LnD4 for just running as Infantry Pusle nightmare nuke, though I’d more often use SSparrow 3 than LnD4).

^^(Not a lot of options for these, its either L!Alm or two units I’ve yet to get/start merging but want to).

3rd order of business, and semifinal. I got an old, very old Adrift M!Corrin lying about. Null Follow up fodder for sure. I have a few, options (one of them I realized has Null Follow Up built in, so I ain’t saving him for her in the future).

First option is either Eyvel or Echidna (as I said, I was unsure if I wanted to build Eyvel in the same way. I could make Eyvel the Null Follow up one, or Echidna the Null follow up one.)

Super thanks for the help (if you read the whole damn thing, props. Cause its a lot)

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I do think Eir would be better with Sturdy Impact, at least for AI control. However, Eir can already avoid enemy follow-ups during her phase with her weapon (as long as she’s not too hurt), so I don’t think giving her an Impact skill is that interesting, unless you’re drowning in fodder.

There’s also the fact that everyone you present as an option for Mirror Impact (including Eir) would most likely appreciate an A skill that increases Spd more than one that increases one of their defenses. Not that they can’t use Impact skills well, but I personally find slowish units to be better options for them. Maybe not that slow, so that not just any enemy can still get their follow-up with skills like QR or VF.

I gave Sturdy Impact (and Mystic Boost) to Micaiah and she works very well like that since she’s expected to initiate against many DC armoured units who are either fast enough to naturally double her or using skills like those. I’ve also seen people use Sturdy/Mirror Impact on units like Cherche.

I think I would suggest foddering Igrenne to Echidna and Corrin to Eyvel. I find Echidna would pull an offensive build a bit better. Eyvel has very good tank potential, I think she could be interesting with a build that could very well include Null Follow-up.

Not sure if you or anyone will agree with me, but hope I helped at least a little.


Yeah no,I agree with you a lot. The whole Mirror Vs Sturdy impact and spd deal is something I’ve been arguing around with for a while now (little time to think about it, given my lack of playtime as of late).

As for the Echidna and Eyvel deal, I agree. I think I see what you mean now. Thanks!



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Am I about to get murdered now :sweat_smile:

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I wouldn’t fodder Igrene just because she has -Atk. With her base kit, that is still 55 Atk, which is only a couple less than Ophelia with her standard Life and Death 3, Special Spiral build and neutral IVs, and people have been complaining about how good she is since she was released. I’d keep her unless you have someone really perfect for LnD4 +SS3 inheritance, and you say you probably wouldn’t use LnD4 on L!Alm, so I’m not sure he is a good choice, particularly if you have any other Spiral fodder.

I’m considering it :ferdbirb:

@myrrhder why do you @ people when someone’s going to fodder their fave :catroll:

In all seriousness, you do you, man. Nothing for me to worry about. Put em to good use.

Unrelated, but…

We found the legendary ArgentSable one sentence post

Figure some people could give proper reasoning (better than I could anyways) against it, since most of the time the unit that’s gonna be foddered is still useable.

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Huh, that actually makes sense. Wasn’t expecting a response like that. :eyes:

Though it’s usually a matter of if you want to use the unit rather than if they’re usable more often than not.

Wtf do people think I’m an idiot?

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Not like that, moreso… Something like this:

But you made your point. :eyes:


Lol. I can post 1 sentence. Its just rare is all. :fgo_dshy:

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And now, it’s documented. :feh_popcorrin:

I’ve been looking for this image for such a long time.

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Understandable, it’s handy