Fodder for Solo or Rouse or Merge?

So I ended up getting a neutral Edelgard on the Legendary Banner. My current one is +Hp, -Def so if I decide to fodder I will keep the neutral one. For fodder, it will either be Atk/Def Solo to Legendary Ephraim (+Atk, +1 and use a lot in Rival Domains/Grand Conquest) or Rouse Atk/Def to Brave Alm (+Spd, -Hp).

  • Atk/Def Solo
  • Rouse Atk/Def
  • Merge

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Out of the two I’d fodder the Rouse, since there’s few other C skills that can self-buff

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Except B!Alm arguably has the stronger self-buff in Threaten A/S 3. +SPD B!Alm would prefer the +10 SPD differential to solidly double most enemies to +6 DEF.

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Don’t kill Edelgard. That’s all I have to say

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I say to merge her, since Edelgard is a titanic beast and merging them can get rid of your DEF bane for a +HP El.

Then again, I’m biased in favor of her Majesty.

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The problem with Rouse skills is that it becomes useless if you have an actual buffer on the team, like, for example, Titania or Seth, or if you’re receiving Panic effects then it becomes a burden unless you can get rid of the source or dodge it.

I’d rather fodder the Solo because it’s a During Combat buff, allowing it to stack with over invisible buffs, and it is not effected by Panic effects.

Dunno if Legendary Ephraim is that good with it, however. :thinking:

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I’d only merge if I’m considering investing in her at some point or if her fodder wasn’t great…but it is great,so unless you love her enough to invest long term I’d fodder the +hp for her rouse skill.

Give the rouse to Echidna like I did! :feh_royyes: