Fodder Lewyn Help

  • Fodder +Atk / -Hp Lewyn to +Atk / -Res Ophelia
  • Fodder +Spd / -Hp Lewyn to +Atk / -Res Ophelia
  • Merge +Atk / -Hp Lewyn to +Spd / -Hp Lewyn
  • Merge +Spd / -Hp Lewyn to +Atk / -Hp Lewyn
  • Keep both Lewyns for the future

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Hello people

I need your help

Which option should I do?

I plan on inheriting his Special Spiral 3 to Ophelia for AR and other modes with her Area special

But should I?


Or just don’t fodder Lewyn and merge him instead :thinkinglikelukas:

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I’d fod the +SPD one, he can already reach high speed and with recent addition of more skills he won’t need an asset on it, instead +ATK will do him better!

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Hmm seems like I should fodder one of the Lewyns…

My Ophelia would greatly appreciate the Special Spiral though Lewyn IS the green mage that I lean on (I don’t have a built Nino, Soren, or Cecilia)

Will the merge really impact his performance that much?
Is it really necessary for Ophelia to have SS?

He is powerful, though I don’t use him often

which one should I fodder? Tight split between the two

I tried on the unit builder to see how much he gains if +ATK is base… just +1 to HP and SPD, it’s not bad…

Depends of the build, if you use an AoE special then yes so she can consistently use them… if using any other special then not necessarily


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