Fodder or merge extra Legendary Claude?

When his banner debuted, I managed to get a copy in about 40 orbs but he was -Spd, +Res. Later i tried summoning for Mila and got another copy that was +Spd, -Def. I already leveled up the -Spd one and inherited Reposition, but that’s about it. Should I just merge the old Claude into the +Spd and fix the flaw or fodder him for his Catch or Rein skill?

For added context, I’m not sure which units I would want to give the Catch or Rein skill.

  • Fodder
  • Merge

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Claude’s stupid strong, so without a specific recipient for the skills in mind, I’d say merge.





If he’s your fave, merge. If not then you could fodder to your favorite unit, but I suggest don’t do anything yet with the other copy if still not sure.


Claude is very strong so I say merge but you could also just manual him for now and decide later. Definitely keep the +Spd one tho.

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I’d keep both copies but use the +Spd one. Better to have the fodder available when you’re really sure of what to do than be wishing you didn’t merge him and need the fodder. Not sure how much different he’d play out without the bane, but I feel like merging wouldn’t be ideal (unless you’re planning on eventually making him +10).