Fodder or Merge F.Rhea?

So I just pulled a +Atk -Spd Rhea and sparked for a neutral copy - should I merge for the juicy extra stats or just keep her for D/R Near Save fodder? If so, do I use the neutral or +Atk -Spd version?

Have a survey!

  • Merge for stats
  • Fodder/Kepp for fodder

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I don’t play the game competetively anymore, so I don’t really mind merging small numbers if I like the character and I do like Fallen Rhea. On the other hand, I don’t have any other Near Savers yet.

On another ntoe: Does Effie still hold up? I’m considering to get the resplendant


I’d definitely use the neutral copy as fodder. An extra point in HP and Atk by merging isn’t significant and losing the Spd bane is meaningless while allowing another armour you like to get the save and stance 4 would be a huge boost.

On Effie, unless you really like her, she’s not worth building in my opinion. Running a Brave Lance is the only thing she can do where she, at max investment, isn’t outdone by an unmerged B!Hector with his refine and base kit, or indeed many newer 5* exclusives with prfs given hers is rather disappointing. I say that as someone who likes her and has her +10 but I only use her for armour week in rival domains and Rokkr with Brave Lance/Galeforce/Bold Fighter.