Foddering Midori

I got real lucky and pulled a +spd -res Midori. I’m tempted to keep her, but I have two units I’m really considering foddering her for if I decide against keeping her.

My Leon is + 10 and has all the skills except close foil and the bow. Brunnya is +7 and only would be missing the close foil. Between these two who do you think would make better use of of these skills?

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Leon cuz bow and close foil which maximizes skill inheritance

Brunnya only gets close foil


At the moment I’d say Leon because of how good Spendthrift Bow is but he might get a refine soon (one of the last remaining Gen 1 units without one) which could make Spendthrift Bow not worth it.

Just something to consider.


I mean she has other skills too. Dual rally+ and chill atk (although Garnef has that so it isn’t super valuable from her)

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I’ve considered that, and that’why I hesitate wanting to give it to him.

Brunnya is a great idea for Close Foil, hadn’t thought of that before. She can’t really tank dragons all that well anyway due to adaptive damage so CC is largely inferior to CF. Guess I’ll look to pull for Midori as well on future circles on this banner. Thanks for the idea, OP.


I’d either go with Brunnya or wait until Leon gets his refine and see what you like better :feh_arthurthink:

yeah but the bow stands out more

I know, I’m just pointing it out.

You made me want a Midori for my Norne for this.

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but her def is the lower stat anyway

so shes going to be tanking on defense… which is all the units you can counter with this skill

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Oh yeah, derp. My brain done goofed. Good call.

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Leon will probably get a prf soon so personally I’d just keep her

Brunnya’s Def really isn’t as bad as it looks.

With OP’s build she gets +4 if debuffed or not at max HP, +5 from Close Foil against anything that would target Def but dragons, effectively +3 from the Lull and another +4 from Steady Posture.

That’s 42 Def before buffs :feh_lysitheasmolface:

Yeah and that’s not factoring in potential Mythic stat boosts either. 100% going to pull for Close Foil fodder for my Brunnya now. Scary penalty-negating supertank, here we come! :feh_nini:

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Good luck trying to get it! :fgo_ereshlove:

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I have an anima blessing on my Brunnya. The plan is to put her on a defense team with Thrasir. She’d ignore the debuffs that Thrasir gives and get some buffs herself. Pretty nice combination.


That’s my idea as well, along with Idunn. They make excellent companions to Thrasir. :ok_hand::feh_navarreculture:


I plan on running the two with my S! Ursula to help provide debuffs with her ruse skill and buff them up. Just looking to get res tactic on her.

Close Foil on Brunnya is an interesting idea. I have a +7 Brunnya that will eventually be the unit below.

I already foddered the skills to her except Pulse Smoke, which is currently Attack Smoke until I get PS fodder. I don’t think CF is an upgrade to CC, or possibly a minor one. Her def isn’t awful, especially if running with double +def mythics in AR-O, and so in that circumstance I would rather retaliate against dragons than “win more” at other physical threats. In Arena, she needs Duel in A slot anyway, so… I like it, and if you haven’t put CC on her yet, CF is very viable. If you already have CC, it’s an unnecessary side-grade, or at least not worth the orb cost for mere mortals. :P

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