Foddering or not foddering these days


I dont know why but last days I have been so lucky when summoning in the new banners: i got Nagi, F!F!Corrin, F!M!Corrin, Zelgius, F!Julia, F!Lyon and Minivera without spending a lot of orbs.

But yesterday I also got SoV Catria (the one with the sword). And my first option was to fodder her A skill (ATA/SPD BOND 4) to my B!Veronica who uses acutally Ata/spd BOND build in A slot and Sacred Seal. And I use my B!Veronica a lot.

But I have realised that foddering these days is not very recommended especially for the “Limited” maps where you can only use heroes from some expecific titles. And my SoV army is not very big, so maybe I should keep this new Catria.

She is -Ata and i dont think i will give her a lot of attention, honestly. Not because I dont like her, but because I have lot of heroes I prefer to use. So, should I fodder her Bond “premium” skill or not?

Moving to Q&A as this is a question and not a Discussion.


If she’s -Atk and you don’t intend to merge her, I’d fodder her. I intend to keep my unmerged +Atk one and fodder the rest I happen to get. You might also have more SoV units than you think from GHBs and TTs but I wouldn’t know. However, I wouldn’t fodder her to someone who can’t benefit from Harsh Command+ at the same time.


V!Catria is super fun to use

As for practicality…

She isn’t reliable for AR without merges, and both doesn’t score for Arena and needs too much orbs for scoring. Her damage output is actually… inconsistent against some enemies. Sometimes I find her tinging enemies, though admittedly they’re usually blue armors and such, which she shouldn’t be taking on anyways

-atk actually sucks. It’s debatable whether -spd is worse, but tbh both suck.

Her bond is good.

However she also comes with either Harsh Command+ or Aerobatics along with it

If you can’t take either the assist or the b skill, she isn’t worth summoning imo.

If you can, then she’s probably worth foddering, despite my bias.

As a unit she doesn’t have a good niche outside of being hella fun in PvE.

I would go ahead and fodder, but mainly if I had the A/S bond regular and can take the assist or Aerobatics because they’re both fairly rare and useful

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Tbh if you like a unit and want to give them tier 4 skills I don’t think limited hero battles should keep you from doing so
If anything, don’t fodder her to B! Vero but to someone who can use her assist since is very good and scores very well in Arena




The limited maps will always have a ftp solution, so as long as you have one copy of the ghb/TT units, you are safe.

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The limited maps make having a bunch of budget built 4*+10’s in your barracks a great asset, so I wouldn’t worry about saving any one off 5* you don’t intend to really invest in.

As far as Foddering Atk/Spd Bond 4 to B!Veronica, do you feel itwould increase her performance enough to justify it? The penalty neutralization is certainly nice, but if your Veronica isn’t being hit by penalties regularly its probably not needed.


Id say unless you plan to use her elsewhere, just get her df & fodder to your hearts content.

Honestly the free units we have for sov are pretty much set for doing alot of limited battles anyway.
It might suck a little with green enemies tho

or conrad


that doesn’t make sense

How does that not make sense? I mean you officially spend 0 orbs to summon for TT units, that’s not a lot at all!

Guessing they meant Maxierva

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Someone else already made my point, but never hurts to see others echoing those same thoughts.

I’d say to fodder her off, as she has some useful skills. I also agree that B! Veronica shouldn’t be the one to receive said fodder as she can’t learn Harsh Command+, or Aerobatics - and as you’ve said she already has level 3. So that would be a pretty big oof to get a single skill, even if it is a level 4 skill.

The investment is better spent onto an arena core / MS core team member. As you are getting the expensive assist along with a level 4 skill. Mythic heroes would love that assist, especially for MS and AR-D.

For reference, I gave my SoV Catria to Sothis, got the Bond 4 and HC+ for both modes.

LOL y’all, stop teasing >

Harsh Command +/Atk Spd Bond 4 is a great fodder for your Arena Core Member (AR Core member). but if i get another Catria that beats my +spd/-res Catria, i would probably fodder her off (maybe to a healer, i don’t know) - i would be tempted to give it to sharena but i don’t really use her very much, but…

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I wouldn’t sac her for an extra +2Atk/Spd and negation of Atk/Spd debuffs.

Atk/Spd Bond 4 is great, no lie. But SoV Catria is excellent. Slap swordbreaker on her and she’ll tear through a lot of sword armors.

Eventually you’ll get a merge for her to get rid of that pesky bane, and she’s incredibly powerful on a flier team. I don’t think it’s worth it to fodder your only version of that unit until you get two or three copies.

OG Minerva still exist…

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Must be nice to get units that aren’t from book 1/2

Anyways, I honestly would fodder/manual her if you know you aren’t going to be using her much. Limited Hero Battles will be tougher and maybe inaccessible but given how many of them that are in the 3-4star pool, you should be fine (Though, you will be hard pressed for an SoV Red though)

I’d like that Catria so I can turn my F!Ike into a Stat Ball plz. kthxbye

Yes but you put MINIerva, which is often used to refer to Y!Minerva