Foddering Time's Pulse to Ayra and Kiria

So, in 108 orbs on the new Mythic banner, I was able to get a +Res -Spd Líf. My original goal was to get a Líf to fodder Time’s Pulse and Distant Counter to my +10 Ayra, but now I’m wondering if his IVs are too good to fodder him. They bring both his Def and Res into the 30s at the cost of his Spd (which is already kinda bad). So, basically, my question is whether I should fodder him or not.

Another question: I also want to give Time’s Pulse to my +10 Kiria and wanted to know if I should summon for another Líf (although that would waste Distant Counter fodder) or Sothis instead when she returns. The reason I’m cosidering summoning now is because I would be very happy if I get Larcei instead, and because there’s a chance I might not like the red units accompanying Sothis when she returns. I have 142 orbs (in the counter) and 246 orbs (in the mail) for a total of 388 orbs. My only goal currently is to get Time’s Pulse fodder for both Ayra and Kiria.

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My suggestion when summoning for fodder only is: don’t if you are happy getting any of the possible 5* options for the color of the hero you are aiming for, regardless of which one(s) you get in the process, only then is it worth it. Otherwise, I highly advise against it. The base chance of getting your target hero on this banner is a mere 0.67% chance per orb. This is one of the worst (if not the worst) types of banner to hero snipe on due to the crowded roster.

Recalls my 900ish orbs that went into getting a single copy of Mila :feh_notlikethis:
(granted, the overall summon session experience was great, but man that unit distribution RNG was whack)


if you don’t have 2 other defense mythics, I would keep him. res is good boon on him, his only real job in AR is to survive a combat and counter.

If you really don’t want eliwood, spending more on this banner is kind of a neutral option imo. When you want 2/3 heroes on a legendary banner for one color, it has value pretty close to a normal three person banner.


DC Times pulse on +10 Ayra is fantastic. While she is a little outclasses by Larcei (who you could also give the 2 skills too) She still performs very well. +Spd with CC or Repel in the B slot and you’re laughing. Plus she still has a refine coming… someday…


ooch, more than me.

i used ~650, and i ended with one copy of -Def +HP Mila, i was really mad at myself because i … spent money. I. Should . Not . Have. :rage:
I took measure to not let it happen again :< . I really need to learn how to save instead.

At least the boon is decent if i put my hands on EPT/OPT. :feh_edelsmug:


Ouch, that’s even worse than me…at least mine was +Res for better visible stat skills like Sabotages (and -Atk, but that’s less important since she can still use defense-scaling specials to nuke–if she even sees combat). I also got a great 5* ratio with my summons given that I was color sniping (~60 orbs per 5*). But yeah, big oof on that one. :confused:


Okay, so, I summoned a little bit more because I couldn’t resist and got another Larcei (+Res -Hp) and another Líf (+Def -Spd) in 41 orbs. I forgot to mention this, but I had actually already gotten a +Def -Atk Larcei in the first 108 orbs alongside that Líf. Now what I’m thinking is I’ll keep the +Res -Spd Líf for AR Defense and fodder the +Def -Spd one to Ayra for Distant Counter and Time’s Pulse (I could reverse the IVs also if you guys think that would be better. I just thought that would be better since his Res is lower and could use a boost. He does have a PRF Special scaling off of Def though). I’m gonna keep the Larceis for now and see later if I want to give Ayra Repel from one of them or Close Call from one of my three Mareetas. First, I’m just gonna try out Wrath from Astram since its cheaper and could work very well. I’m not yet sure if I should summon for another Líf to give Kiria Time’s Pulse or wait for Sothis.

TLDR: I now have 2 Lífs (+Def/+Res -Spd) and 2 Larceis (+Def -Atk/+Res -Hp). Which Líf should I fodder to Ayra (I’ll keep the other)? Ayra will be getting Wrath for now, most likely Close Call or Repel a little later. Not sure how to get Kiria Time’s Pulse yet.