Follow a Friend?

I guess i just don’t understand how to use the follow a friend feature. Currently, I have 80/80 friends on my list. I am unable to find a friend that allows me to Follow Them. Does the option only show up with friends already on my list? And, do they have to be a lower overall level or only at a certain area of the game? Heh I just learned I could Lock certain friends for classes…that’s a nice feature.

You can only use the follow feature if you haven’t completed Part 1. Judging by your level, you’re way past that mark.

I don’t know if you can check if somebody’s following you though.

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If you’ve already beaten Part 1, the Follow feature is useless cause that’s the only place you can use Servants from Players you follow.

Others can follow you the same way they send a Friend Request I’m pretty sure. Don’t think you can have any control over it, but it’s free FP.

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reading fine print…

Servants of Masters you follow can be used as support only for story quests within Part 1 of the Main Quest. This function cannot be used after you clear “Final Singularity.”

Didn’t realize the scope was so limited… Too bad

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I was gonna borrow @Gou NP5 Gil by following to destroy mongrels in Agartha and then I read the feature again, and got sad.

My 1-3☆ Acc needed that, but oh well, Izou already destroyed those said mongrels, Euryale already destroyed Megalos, all is fine in this world I guess.


Yeah, I wish Follow worked at least for Epic of Remnant content. Would be a nice bonus for some of the newer players and for the alt accounts.

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It also might piss off new players when they try to unga-bunga, only to run face first into another break bar they suddenly can’t break down.

I completely disagree with allowing the follow option into part 1.5. It forced me to up my game even more than Camelot and actually rely on more technical aspects to the game.


Forcing players to up their game has nothing to do with the follow option.

The thing is EoR (barring forced support Shimousa) can entirely be cheesed by friends just like part 1, the follow option would make EoR significantly less of a drag if someone isn’t in a state to raise enough of their own servants for team comps but needs to clear EoR for the SQs/interludes.


In my view Follow just cuts down on the randomness. Nothing stops players from refreshing the support list until they get what they want.

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Not if your knowledge of how to play is effectively not enough… did you even read the first line?

And how exactly does follow option affects players’ knowledge of how to play? The follow option has no influence on it, someone who isn’t good at the game isn’t going to magically get better just because follow option disappears for EoR.

I’m saying follow option makes things more convenient for those who know how to maximise the support system and there’s no reason to remove it for EoR, I think you are the one not reading my post.


I would go so far as to say that the only reason Follow shouldn’t be an option for more current content is that it bypasses all attempts at randomizing the support options presented and risks locking non-whaled accounts out of even the modest FP income of daily use.


I’d say we should be able to bookmark a few friends so they’re always available. The current situation hardly has benefits : multiple refreshs are annoying for the servers (hence the “wait to refresh” message) and it makes me feel like I should have less noobs in my list, because "screw their lowly supports, I need my usual one-out-of-seventy whale friend's ultra limited NP5 SSR for this."
And that’s not desirable at all in my book. I want to be able to have 67 noobs and never be negatively impacted by that fact: I’m trying to help them, they’re not supposed to handicap me =S
The mere fact that they allow us to refresh the list for hours means they would not care about it : it’s not like most of the gamers will face a situation like “I need a Semiramis but can’t get her even after 50 refreshs” and solve it by whaling hard to get their own Semiramis. They’ll just massively thin off their friends list to stop that from happening.


Yea I would honestly love Follow to apply to more content, it would be great if Follow can function as some kind of a FL bookmark.

I’m thinking what if every time we use a follow support, everyone on our FL gets FPs? This way even newbies with only Mash can get FP!


I am following Gou, Lost247365, and Zero-Ordered-1, so I can send them a friend request every day, just in case they ever get an open slot.