Fools! Self Destruct Cannot Take The Crown Dreams! Crash One By One To The Ground

… okay, so those are lyrics from Hell Bent for Leather… I really should stop listening to speed metal while playing games…

Anyways, I’ve always wanted this unit but never thought I’d actually get her… is this a decent IV for her?? Also, which seal works best for her?

Thanks for your help!


pretty much anything that isn’t -spd is good on her

Probably Flashing Blade or Swift Sparrow


IV’s are fine. Treat her like a physical Ophelia: all AoE spam. Best seal would be HB for the same reason it’s best on Ophelia. Pair her on an IP team or with Velouria since she doesn’t get that insta-CD that Ophelia does.


Yeah that’s a good iv set because she only cares for spd and atk.

I’d say hardy bearings in raids and anything that boost atk or spd (phantom spd works here and it’s what I use)


Cool thanks, I want to invest in am Infantry Pulse team at some point… also if I ever get her I’ll keep that in mind thanks!


Thanks, I’m still pretty low levels on AR, and from what I understand Hardy Bearing is important there, but not elsewhere… anyways, thanks for the advice. I’m not familiar with phantom speed, I’ll check that one out though. Thanks again for your input!


Yep, she helps a lot.

As for that IP team: add Ophelia, Thrasir, Ninian, a Nohrian dancer and Seliph.

Ninian and Seliph get IP.

Ophelia and Ingrid use blazing AoE.

Both dancers get WoM.

Seliph gets his usual asshole vengeance build.

It’s near impossible to bait or get past them all, I have yet to find a team to counter that kind of set up.


But you don’t need it on her though


Yeah those are great IVs. Because you’re new I think it’d be good to look at why those are good IVs.

If you take a glance at her lvl 40 stat spread, you can see that her atk and spd are very high while def and res are low. Increasing your strengths are always good, so when looking for IVs it’s good to increase your strengths. If she has high atk, she wants more atk. If they have high def, they want more def.

Her base special (and corresponding kit) work around visible atk doing damage (AoE’s work of atk ofc). So yeah she loves atk.

In short yes those are practically optimal IVs.

As for seal… for ARD Hardy Bearing. Elsewhere SS2, DB3, and other damage boosting skills are good. Even a simple atk +3 could be fine.

She doesn’t really need FB unless she’s worried about the initial charge, or to get around guard.


Cool thanks for that. It clarifies a lot… IV’s have always been a bit tricky… would the Brazen Atk/Spd be good on her or is she not a good candidate for that? Still trying to figure out which units like certain skills over others. Thanks again for all your help!

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Yeah those are good IVs :thinking:
In general offensive heroes like +Atk, fast heroes like +Spd, and defensive heroes like +Def and/or +Res.
But of course it depends on the character.
As for the seal, Brazen Atk/Spd isn’t really a good choice with her base kit since she aims to one-shot after the AoE burst. Something like Death Blow would work well :feh_birbpeek:


Thanks for that clarification… is there a particular AoE that works better than others? I haven’t used them much yet… and wandered if they were all pretty much the same orbbn ifbbn one was better than the others? Thanks for all thebbn input and advice!


The AoE’s are roughly the same tbh, except use the ones that use 1.5x atk in an area, rather than the ones with a larger area but less damage. That is, use Blazing specials not Growing ones.

For ARD generally you want Blazing Light because it goes diagonally, but tbh it doesn’t matter much. Either use Blazing Light or Blazing Wind. Because they work in a consistent area, whereas Thunder and Flame are a bit strange to use a lot of the time.

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“Nohrian dancer”? Who are you referring to besides Hoshidan Summer Xander?