For all of the Golden Sun Fans

Because i wasn’t really active the last weeks i want to start some discussions to get the train going again.
So i wanted to ask you all if some you know Golden Sun and if you do, what do you like about the series or who is your favourite character?
Golden Sun is the little gem in Nintendos Box of forgotten series that could earn them a lot of money, if they would revive the series or make Isaac a playable character in the next wave of DLC.
Would be nice to know, if i am the only one in here that supports the franchise. Then i would be a lone wolf. And beeing a lone wolf is never a good thing.

Changed the catagory and tag since it’s not FEH related.


And i thought it was right. Thanks for that.

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I actually know golden sun and I still keep some ■■■■■■■ good memories of it. And the fact we can have the golden sun 1 crew in the golden sun 2 was awesome.
I still have thoses 2 games in gamecard and I play them again regulary

I also think they could love a revival with somes reworks of outdated mechanics, but there is too many good old games that would love a revival…

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Good to know that i am not the only one knowing the games. Golden Sun 1 and 2 are awesome games and i would like a remake of both of them first, before a new game comes out.
There are a lot of old franchises that would love a new game. In the Golden Sun Community are a lot people that support other franchises like Advance Wars, F-Zero and more.

I actually don’t think Advance wars’s games would need remakes. News games yes but for the olds games they have aged very (very) well thanks to the cartoon graphism. Just like the GBA FE.

Advance Wars simply needs a new game and i think after the release of 3H is the perfect time for that.