For Amiya

i’m currently have her S1 at M2 and probably going to M3 but… is it worth it?

note: Amiya is the only one caster that i have in my squad, and happily she carry us to the end of Ch. 6 and Annihilation 3.

Unless you love Amiya as a character and is planning to M3 all her skills eventually, S1 mastery is generally not worth it.

I’d agree with Moop - it’s a pretty high material cost for what it gives. If she’s your waifu go for it, but as far as farming efficiency goes, probably best to spend your time on other things.

If i she regenerate 1sp per second.(without boost)
You gain only + 10 ASPD and 2 seconds to reload S1 without enemies near her and maybe one more second if there are any.(She gain 2sp when attacking enemies and 8 sp when killing one)
The S1 reload is less than 15-16 if she attacks and you will at best gain 1 second.

With the help of the formula below, i can say the difference between S1M2 and S1 M3 is at best 2 attacks within the 30 seconds when the skill is activated

Amya is currently the second best ST Caster and S1 allow her to hit (with arts damage) as fast as Exusiai normal physical attack .

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yeahhh!!! thx :)

I mean, it’s depends if you really like her. I personally raise her S2 to M1 despite the drawback, it gets a pretty good upgrade from it. Just like a certain youtuber said, S2 actually has a really high DPS if Amiya could attack constantly. S1 is more safe for a more consistent use, and S3 level 7 usually is enough when you really need to use it. I think she’s still pretty good overall despite being a free unit. People often compare her to Eyja, and she’s definitely nothing compared to her. But everything’s worth if you don’t have those 6 stars caster, she’s still better than any other 5* casters. Besides, i think everyone often overlooked her S3. If you don’t have Exusia or any other fancy boss killer 6*, Amiya S3 is your best bet, i even destroyed frostnova in 6-16 before she moves to different lane with Amiya as the lone 5*(rest 4*).

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