For anyone with a 5* exclusive +10

So I wanted to ask a few questions to anyone here who’s +10’d a five-star exclusive unit (note: not units from the 3-4* pool)

  • What +10 5* exclusive/s do you have?

  • Why did you decide to +10 them?

  • How many orbs (approximately if you did it over several banners) did it take you to +10 them?

  • Are there any other 5* exclusives you’d like to +10?

Micaiah and M!Grima are my two.

M!Grima because he was a power house, and is still very much is today. Micaiah because I ended up unintentionally getting a lot of her and wanted to cap her out at +10.

I don’t remember. It’s been a while. I do remember putting in a lot of money for Grima, but Micaiah sorta just appeared(Appeared twice in one summon at 3%… when she wasn’t the banner focus). Both of which were on many banners, never all at once.

L!Tiki, Fallen Corrin, and Inigo. Inigo I ended up getting him to +8 unintentionally when L!Lyn was first released and that’s all I got from that banner. L!Tiki and Corrin are a lot lower, but Tiki’s at +4(+5 if I merged her completely, but I’m debating whether or not I want to switch her IVs from Atk to Spd. I’ll probably do so when I get Special Fighter fodder… IF I get SF fodder). Corrin’s in a similar situation at +1. I’ve got another one with +Atk, but that +4 Spd IV has been too tempting to get rid of.


+10s: Helbindi

Helbindi - because he’s best boi.

With Helbindi, i can’t remember, but luck had a lot to do with it.

I want to +10:
Reyson (at +9 now)
Lukas (at +7)
Summer Helbindi (at +3)
Valter (at +3)


Didn’t see exculsive lmao


I don’t have a +10 5 Star exclusive, but I’m working on it. Characters I want to +10 in list of priority are:

Takumi (+4) - My top priority since he’ll be on a banner in a week and a half. He’s my favorite character. I have to do it – and I have 1300+ Orbs saved up for him.
L-Tiki (+6) - I’ve had ridiculously good luck summoning her, and I like her character, too.
L-Robin (+1) - I like F-Robin a lot, but I’ve had ridiculously bad luck summoning her Legendary version, so this is kind of a pipe dream right now…

Got her during the Yune banner with heaps of Lewyns too, which meant Special Spiral haxxx. +10 her during the recent Chill skills banner. Was quite lucky with her, about 400 orbs? Anyways, I like her and use her to cheese through abyssals.

Brave Lyn
Lyn’s my favourite female FE character, nuff said. Whaled pretty hard on her-- around 2000 orbs total I reckon. I’m hoping to get summer Lyn so I can have my Lyn harem ready for my boy Rath (who I will most definitely +10 the minute he’s in game).

  1. Alm
  2. Cause he’s best boi
  3. Probably over 2.5k orbs
  4. Zelgius, L!Alm, B!Alm (when he comes out), Ewan (when he’ll ever come out)

I have a +6 Yune guarding my AR defense.

On her debut banner, I was trying to get some Lewyn and I ended up getting 1 Lewyn and 6 Yunes. I decided to merge her since I believed I wasn’t going to get her again.

On the last mythic banner she was on, I was trying to get L!Lyn and Yune pitybroke me twice. (I still have a spare Yune)

I guess she either likes me or is trolling me via pitybreaking.

I’m not mad. Yune is great unit and I loved her dialogue in Radiant Dawn.I’m not mad.

Good choices, Ophelia is pretty damn powerful and her AoE setup is one of the most broken builds this game has to offer. Brave Lyn is still a really good unit as well.

Lewyn is actually the one 5* exclusive that I’d personally love to +10, I only have him at +1 at the moment. Fingers crossed for a 2 unit Special Spiral banner in the future.

Good luck with getting Summer Lyn. oh and welcome to the Gamepress forums

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Ranulf next if it happens


Thank you for the welcome! FEH is my first gacha so the got addicted to summoning. Very happy with the units I’ve built up though, so the next time I whale out is gonna be for Rath.

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These 2 lovely ladies are my 2 5-star exclusive +10 and i’m very happy and proud of them!

Just replace flier formation and distant guard on Laegjarn by Chill Spd and Defense Smoke,when she’s in a mixed team.

I always loved these 2 ,cause I have a stigma that I love the ‘big sister’ archetype in anime,and I loved their personality from the get-go.

Concerning orbs…I honestly couldn’t tell you,I lost count but I suspect around 1000-1100 for each,I got very lucky in their latest featured banners:took me around 40 orbs to get 4 hinoka’s,one of them as a free summon,and around 200 in the latest TT banner for Laegjarn.
As for other 5-star exclusive,my team is missing a blue flying mage,and my Summer Camilla stands at +3,so I guess I’d like her to be next. She’s my highest merged blue flying mage as of right now.

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How many merges do you have at this moment?

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Ayra because she’s my favorite character,I don’t know how many orbs since it took me a year to do it since she was only on 3 banners since she debuted.I pulled her 2x on release,2x from LB,pitybroken 4x and 3x on combat boost banner while sniping,I bought a pack of orbs here to go along with my f2p orbs I was planning on using on the LB,but this banner caught me off guard.I want to +10 karla (+4)and Fallen corrin(+2) as of right now.

I don’t have any 5^ exclusives because I focus on 3-4^ +10s for a generally easier time. Though I plan to get H!Myrrh to +10 when she comes back.

My 3-4^ pool 5^+10s (Robin will be +10 the second I get 2 more copies)

Ah, I’ve never summoned an Ayra :( I know she’s coming back on the weekly banners soon but I don’t think I’ll have the orbs to pull for her. I’ve seen your builds for her and they’re pretty insane.

Asides from Lewyn, Karla’s another unit I’d love to +10 (+2 right now, got three of them in around 200-250 orbs trying to get merges for Sigurd) but I have no idea when she’ll be on focus again.

Corrin’s a pretty ridiculous unit even at +0, once she’s at +10 there would probably be no unit in the game she couldn’t just blast straight through


I was recently pitybroken by her while pulling for mareeta in a crazy circle and yeah she’s ridiculous in aether raids for me,I a foddered Nailah to her and she just took off as one of my best units only at +2

I struggle with lewyn since I like him,but he has ss3 and that recent banner with karla I had to skip because I was terrified of getting a sigurd :disappointed:

I don’t have any 5* exclusive +10s because I generally don’t summon that much for one unit :catroll:
My highest merged 5* exclusive is Zelgius, at +4. I just keep getting him.
I’m ok with it, since I use him on my armored team :birbpeek: