For friends added from my phone's contact list, how can I find out who is whom?

So I requested a bunch of my contacts to become friends in game and some of them accepted. Now that I see some new friends with only their in-game names but I have no idea which one is which. And there is no way for me to ask them in game.

The joy of the lack of any in game communication. It’s an often asked question in one way or another and the answer is always the same. “Yes it would be good but mention it to anyone who has kids and they’ll instantly tell you that within 24 hours of an in game chat being launched, every child on the planet will have been lured to a raid, abducted by a dodgy man dressed as Charizard and sold on the dark web.”

The only option is to get in touch outside the game and ask “are you playing PoGo?”

I’m not asking for in game communication. Niantic could just show accepted/pending friend invitations.

I get it, but what I’m saying is that niantic won’t ever, it appears, ever do any form of back-engineering from the game to the real world, even though you’ve been connected that way in the first place. You’ve just got to ask people if they accepted.