For future reference which support that I need put?

As you can see from it, I kinda got tamamo and then skadi… well I kinda lazy to farming their material for now so I need recommendations when I max their skill to put in their which the most sought for support.

i still put Waver on caster and Merlin on all .

Not everyone has skadi so DSS isn’t an option for them. anyone trying to clear story and quests wlil probably find Merlins party invul skill easier to use and more useful. But really it all depends on ce’s

During events I will be throwing Skadi in Caster slot though

Waver and Skadi are pretty much always relevanty because 50% for anyone.
The farming never ends. So even outside of events, I’d rather see a Skadi or Waver there.
Merlin is nice to have overall, but for farming I’d always prefer 50 % batteries.

Hmmm… So for now the best thing I must put are either skadi and waver or merlin and waver

The current Anniversary event doesn’t have farming to do so Waver + Merlin is probably preferred for those re-challenge memorial quests.

When summer event comes, you might want to switch one of them to Skadi.

This. For everyday farming, Skadi and Waver are quite good just because of that fact alone.

For events, I always tend to pick the CE the Servant is carrying, regardless of Class. Of course, if the CE that is the most needed/requested in the event is carried by one of the big four, then it’s even better for anyone not going for self-sufficiency/newer players.

Recently I’ve seen several in my Friendlist swapping their caster support (Merlin/Waver) to an under-developed Skadi . While the quick meme is game changing, I think most people would appreciate Waver more just because of the versatility he offers.

Be a chad and put Shakespeare on caster