For Rayqaza Raids, is two Pillowswine better than one Mamoswine?


With the upcoming Rayquazq raids, I will likely only be able to get either one more Mamoswine or two Pillowswine. Which should I do? I figure that the charge move will OHKO anyway so having two slightly lower CP will be better than one strong in terms of total damage output.


Mamoswine doesn’t just do much more damage, it will also take more hits. There’s a good duo guide on the main gamepress site I’d go with one lv30 + Mamoswine and something decent.


It would depend on what would pair with the Mamoswine in place of the second piloswine.

If you have a level 35 weather boosted Cloyster, you’re probably better off with the Mamoswine. Probably likewise with any level 30-35 Cloyster/jynx/Mewtwo (ice)/weavile/walrein etc…

Some of those are actually better than piloswine themselves.

I’m probably being too hard on the restriction there, pretty sure Mamoswine will survive a charge move (maybe multiple) and thus is a lot stronger than piloswine. Just hard to know what the level minimum should be, maybe 20/25/30 no idea.

If you do 20 man raids go Mamoswine for sure. Ray will be dead before you get to your second Pokemon if people are using Mamoswine across the board.


Thanks to the comprehensive DPS:TDO spreadsheet of Gamepress, in terms of pure damage (TDO), a perfect maxed Mamoswine has a TDO of 801.7 against Rayquaza and a perfect maxed Piloswine 530.7. So 2 Piloswines do more damage (though much slower).

However, TTT is spot on here: it depends on what you put after Mamoswine in the second slot.

  • Weavile : TDO 558.8, so Mamoswine and Weavile do better than 2 Piloswines -> go Mamoswine
  • Cloyster : TDO 507.8 -> go Mamoswine
  • Walrein : TDO 566.3 -> go Mamoswine
  • Dewgong : TDO 377.1 -> go Mamoswine
  • Dragonite : TDO 452 -> go Mamoswine

Ok I’m done looking, even Golem suggests go Mamoswine. Of course, Golem would be slow, but Mamoswine is so fast… The only situation in which it would be better to go with 2 Piloswines is if you were really, really short on even remotely decent Rayquaza counters at level 30.