For the F2P (part 2)

Honestly, if I knew I was gonna do this I should have done it at the beginning of the event. Ah well.

Today’s hardest quest is a bit tricky; first two waves are lancer enemies with the ability to poison, so both Arash and Touta are out of the picture. As for wave three, a Hydra rider boss will fight you, which makes fielding Waver and Merlin more risky. The biggest problem, though, is the free assassin selection; personally speaking, the 1-3* assassins got the short end of the stick in stats and skills, so most of them would only be hitting like a wet noodle on the thing. Don’t worry, though; there are options.

For the best results I would pick either Hassan of the Cursed Arm or Hassan of the Hundred Personas. Cursed Arm isn’t particularly strong, but he’s a very good star generator, and at third ascension gains access to a strong evade option which doesn’t expire until attacked. Against the Hydra, it’s not as useful since its attacks are AOE but it can still save him. As for Hundred Personas, they are exceptionally good for arts looping thanks to their upgrade; gain NP, launch NP, repeat. If done enough times you can succeed. In both these cases, Mash would good as a support, and for waves one through two I would field either Fergus or an AOR berserker like Kiyohime or Erik Bloodaxe.

Another method (albeit more risky) is to go full glass cannon; field Mash, Lu Bu and support Merlin. Use Mash’s defense up constantly and use Merlin’s party invincibility when things are looking ugly for Lu Bu (also use his NP to charge/heal Lu Bu and Mash). At the Hydra, disregard defense and just completely buff Lu Bu’s attack/NP through his skills, Merlin and whatever Mystic Code you have equipped. After that, nuke the damn thing. Due to variables, this might not kill the Hydra outright, but will leave a huge dent in it. And in the event that this party gets wiped, always have a backup. I’d say choose between the Hassans in method 1.

Hope this helps.

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Fergus NP5 works well on 1st or 2nd wave (2nd wave specifically since you’re gonna want to clear it faster).

As for the Hydra, I tried using Jing Ke, she did decent damage, but she was NP5, and buffed by a Waver. And yes Hundred Face did more damage, but Jing Ke just crits more with a Waver around, both are not terrible.

The berserker runs were messy, quite risky with their survivability.

If welfare servants are allowed/available, Saber Lily is good for the Lancer waves, and Shiki does alot of damage on the Hydra, bring Mozart.

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“3-turn” farming with welfare servants: Sieg (kaidoscope), Saber Lily (50% NP CE), Shiki (50% NP CE), Waver SP with Chaldea combat uniform mystic code
1st wave: use sieg’s NP then exchange him with Shiki
2nd wave: waver chagre saber lily
3rd wave: Shiki’s NP + mystic code attack buff + chain . With luck 3rd wave should be cleared.

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I hadn’t thought of Saber Lily, thanks! She easily clears the second wave even with her buster skill at level 4.

About that, I try to exclude welfare servants due to some players (mainly the new ones) not having those servants available, save for supports. The focus is on servants that can easily be obtained on the daily.


Yep, I have an account that only uses 1-3☆ Servants, and the best team i got to tackle this is (haven’t started Babylonia):

Caesar lvl 60, Fergus lvl 60, & Mash lvl 70

Support Assassin(Any), Kojirou lvl 60, Any Assassin

Mystic Code:
Combat Suit (to tag in Support Assassin)

Only NP on wave 2 with Fergus, they can survive the Hyrda fairly well with Mash. It’s pretty decent, you only need a support Assassin and you’re good.


Yeah I should have factored in the plugsuit. That’s available to everyone. Not sure how well Kojirou can help too much, though, if the support assassin dies somehow. I’d switch him with CA to the very least

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