For the first time ever, I'm defeated

So, I was so looking forward to seeing my friends and new classmates for the Fall Quarter. I was ready to make new memories and two important things:

  1. Halloween (or at least the day before Halloween, because it’s on a Saturday this year.
  2. My birthday (December 8)

And then, I get this email, from my Advisor for my Bachelor’s Program:

Really… ZOOM. MEETINGS!? This really sent me into a deep depression. Celebrating my birthday on campus/school grounds was the only way I could really celebrate my birthday. And now… It’s cancelled.

I was looking forward to wearing my Spark cosplay outfit on the first day of school. I was looking to dressing up as Owain and sharing cupcakes for Halloween. I was looking forward for my 24th birthday… And now, I want nothing to do with anyone anymore. My birthday is cancelled, I’m cancelling it ahead of time.
2020 can go commit self Hyper Beam

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You will have more birthdays and more Halloweens.

I should’ve known that this year’s birthday and Halloween would be a disappointment. I’m not even looking forward to getting any gifts.

I have a 5 year old son, I’m not going to send him to kindergarten…if a group can actually learn remotely, seems like a wise idea. Pretty sure 90% of what kindergarten kids learn comes from playing freeze tag.***city I live in 250k pop…125+new cases everyday. If this was America’s new case rate it’d be 150k new each day

It’s better to learn Online right now, but… I’m just upset. Then again, I should’ve known better. 2020: the year that crushes your hopes, dreams and soul

We have a combo of college town + hillbillies. However, there really aren’t very many college kids around…ones that are here practically 100% infection/spread rate (it seems). Colleges in more condensed urban areas: gonna be unfortunate result since they will be lacking the hillbilly antibodies

That might have something to do with America crashing and burning due to having an incompetent president and 50 states which won’t do the right thing and just go into strict lockdown.

If you want me to put it into perspective, if everyone in america caught the virus you will have between 14-15 million deaths… and as no one knows how long the antibodies last for a second wave would kill most who would have survived being on a ventilator due to the damage the virus would have already done to their lungs.

Virtual tuition doesn’t seem that bad now, does it

You also don’t need to find ways to make happy new memories, they come as you realise things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Remember that it is not just you. Everyone else is affected by the coronavirus and measures against it.

Or Self-Destruct.

I’ll put here what some of my city’s 2016 Trump voters are thinking (66% voted for him, in a college town). City has had 2800 confirmed cases so far…but an unreasonable infection rate right now. Total of 52 reported related deaths. Two of those deaths were age 50-59. None under age 50. Over 2000 cases for people under age 50, no deaths. In fact two total deaths reported since May 25th…since then about 2000 cases reported (recently most cases under age 40)

Trying to understand their perspective can help. Do get outside, get some exercise, play Pokemon. However, stewing around in a restaurant/bar telling loud stories and jokes+laughing…very unnecessary because the way the virus+germs are now…pretty much would be celebrating in a busy restroom that is only cleaned once a week.

It definitely has been a difficult year. I do feel bad for you considering it is your freshman year at university. It’s supposed to be a fun and exciting time as you embark on what becomes for many people some of the most memorable times of their lives. On the bright side, it will be something you will remember and that will add to the story of this chapter in your life. It makes it all that much more unique.

And consider this. The Class of 2020 got robbed of their graduation plans and the opportunity to see and spend that momentous achievement with friends that went through the journey along with them. Some of those people they may never see again.

So hang in there. You’ve got perhaps four or five years of university ahead of you. Make it count. Best of luck and enjoy the journey.

Without wanting to get political, one just needs to look at either the seven day moving average of new cases or the fatality counts, per capita, as a function of time. New Zealand and South Korea handled it well, keeping their curves low and keeping the rate way down. The EU had a big spike (mostly Italy and Spain), and then got it under control. The US also had a big spike, a bit after the EU, got the rate down again, and then loosened up and watched the rate surpass the previous spike, and keep rising (which is where we are now).

The US has already lost more Americans than the number of American soldiers killed in the Viet Nam war (~58,000) twice over, and the totals are still rising. The Viet Nam war lasted almost a decade, the losses from Coronavirus have taken place over about 4 months so far.

Any objective look at the evidence has to concede that we’re doing things very badly.

So, the take home lesson I’d like to espouse is that for all of us, however bad it’s been, we haven’t done enough, and we have to do more to get this under control. Virology is one of the fields where an ounce of prevention can be worth ten pounds or a hundred pounds of cure, and the US let it get out of control early on.

As a college professor, I can sympathize with the students who are losing out on a year or more of the genuine college experience. But I’m also fearful of a group of people, coming together from all over the country, some likely asymptomatic carriers, bringing the virus into a close knit community where social distancing is very difficult.

So, when you’re feeling the strain of distancing, the inconvenience of masking and hand washing, the inability to go to a restaurant, hang out in a bar, or get a haircut, don’t think of how annoying it is; instead be proud that you’re doing your part to fix this, and ask yourself what else you can do to make it better.

Good luck, and stay safe, everyone.

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I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone here; the ongoing pandemic is affecting everyone to varying extents. My birthday was June 27th, and I celebrated with my family and friends via Zoom, as we’re all taking the social distancing quite seriously. It was nothing like the celebrations from previous years, but that’s just the result of the state of things in our country/society/planet.

Keep your chin up! There will be more birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations to look forward to. In the meantime, we just have to get creative with how we celebrate, remind ourselves that we’re all riding this crazy train together, and if we can weather the storm, we’ll come out alright. Stay hopeful and stay safe!

Edit: while the rest of the world has been busy using Protect and Barrier, the U.S. has been going the route of Dazzling Gleam and Frustration. I hope we, as a country, get our act together.

Pretty much right on cue, no RNG needed for this one. My niece is 18 and has been working in a bar/restaurant here…she suspected she could have Covid-19 bc a bartender tested positive for it several days ago and he didn’t tell anyone. However, when she initially went to the doctor they tested for Strep first…that was positive, so they delayed a Covid test. My niece got the real test today and it was positive…she hasn’t been here in 8 or 9 days but members of her household have been here 3 or 4 times in the past week for hours at a time. Just an update, I had said hardly any fatalities in this city past 6 weeks, then there have been 5 deaths past 3 days. Can expect more normal consequences when this massive spike in cases sets in.

Weren’t you the one who posted that you might die back in March?

Missing those two days might actually save your life so

I got scared and I am still scared of catching the Coronavirus, but there are safety precaution to take and back then, we didn’t know what to do for our safety, except to stay home at all costs.

Plus, I also felt sick at that time

Plus, I also thought we’d have better control over the pandemic at this point in time

That’s what happens when people let down their guard. Recent 2nd surge of infections in HK here caused by a couple of taxi drivers being careless and dining out together regularly. COVID-19 could be here to stay for much longer, and it’s important that everyone should stay safe.

My niece does have it, but evidently the other people in her household don’t have it. Those other people were the ones that might have brought it to my house. Still, city of 280,000 getting 1,000 new cases a week. People are wearing face masks at least (however, 70% literally wouldn’t if it wasn’t “required”). I guess we are 1/30th the size of NYC city limits…150 cases a day, would be 4,500 new cases a day relative to NYC pop***yeah, Sukfest for us, there were 275 cases in NYC today