"For the Greil Mercenaries, there is something more precious than money" - A New +10 Joins!

Hi folks, Veritas here with another +10 showcase!
Today I finally got enough grails to finish another one of my 1000 grail projects, and here she is in all her glory!

I’m waiting for Spd/Res or Atk/Res Menace fodder to give her to be fully complete, but at the moment I run her on a cav team with plenty of debuffs flying around anyway so it doesn’t matter too much. Getting a bunch of H!Azura at the Hero Fest helped!
I really love Titania (I have her base version at +10 as well) and her art is absolutely incredible. Unfortunately she’s not particularly good but that won’t stop me pouring love and effort into her!


Congrats Veritas, she’s looking great! :catclap: