For the heavy farmers - looking ahead

For the masters who have near max or max skill & level rosters what are your plans for the rest of the year and maybe next year. The event schedule looks to be slowing down.

I mean we’re getting a handful of low rarity servants added soon+ the 2 welfares, but I won’t have and problems maxing them immediately save for unreleased mats . I have no interest in AA/super Orion/europa and have Merlin/skadi already. I have solid interest in Space Isthar and Summer Musashi but that’s about it. But should still be able to cover easily.

I’m asking because I like to be organised and have a plan/goals and the only other thing I can think of as a goal is command coding every servant, but the lack of quality command codes is kinda questionable. Maybe bond 10 everyone if I’m broken enough inside?


all my servants are max level so its nice to have more low rarity servants to level up and deplete xp stocks. Currently trying to max fou every servant .

Will try to get unique bond ces, grail gareth, summon jinako himiko osakabehime archer, np5 martha and any female ssr from valentines banner. Might even try to farm every material until theyre 200

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Nothing too surprising for me this year:

  • Arjuna Alter NP5+grails+gold Fous
  • Space Ishtar NP2 min, no grails etc.
  • Grail my NP5 Kama
  • Consider grailing Astraea next year as my first lower rarity to get the treatment

Da Vinci Rider would be nice to have, but not a priority.

Superhuman Orion is a pass. Not only do I not need him, he isn’t so much fun to use that I feel that I want him on NA.

Yang Guifei is someone I have wanted, but trying her on JP and rolling NP5 Astraea here has made me question that commitment.

Kiara had been on my upcoming grail list, but the account I adopted already has her grailed.


I have no farming plans. When it comes to servants: Either a) I already use you commonly, in which case, you’re already raised, or b) I don’t plan on it until there’s an event or I get out of qp hell. Heavy mat farm dragged me to perma qp hell. I have mats (except bones, for obvious reasons) to spend about 20 times more qp than I currently possess, and still have mats left.

Tdlr: :fgo_ohoho:, I’m suffering from a case of too heavy farm

Waiting for the egg mines :fgo_insane:


Oh shoot. Eggs. Not as bad as the heian kyo mats. Still, kinda annoying to start from zilch

Arjuna Alter - np1, just to have him because he’s rare so I don’t regret later
Penguin Melt- np5, If I’m going to arts loop, might as well be with a waifu I like
Merlin-np1, cause I don’t have him yet
Super Orion-np1, Fits my playstyle to a T. Critting is way more fun than np spamming

Ironically as much as Rin simp as I am and how meta space Ishtar is, I simply have no interest in her gameplay wise


Im going to replace my support list with husbandos


All the QPs i farmed during the raid were gone in a single day after finishing Kama and Gray so i think i’ll let my resources rest for a bit.

My future big target is just Kagetora which will be another level 100 + gold fous but then the rest of the year will be quiet. No more lore or grail targets until the next foreigner.


I’m currently being heavily Lore-starved, so no more skill leveling for a while. For the foreseeable future, I will be grinding the ember dailies to raise the couple of stray spooks I got as of late. Aside of that, I will be saving all my quartz for USAshi and Space Ishtar from now on, focusing on the latter. Junao would be really nice, but considering that I have no savings at the moment, I can’t really roll heavily for him.

In short, I probably won’t be rolling until the new Summer event, then I will burn half my resources, then I will start saving again and abuse the hell out of wallet-kun until I manage to get my hands on NP2 Space Ishtar. As for grails, I have enough to max out 2 SSRs at this point, but I will only use them on meta loop-farmers, so they will either go to USAshi or Spishtar, depending on which one of them I would get to a higher NP level. After that… well, it will be saving, saving, and more saving for Castoria. With some perseverance, I should be able to gather over 1000 free SQs between Saber Wars 2 and the 5th Anniversary. That should do the trick… hopefully.

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Me too :fgo_ereshlove:


Outside the free shit, I’ll have to see what I actually pull tbh. I guess I’ll farm the Waver ticket materials.

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Aside from farming my gigantic quantity of eggs for Junao, Spishtar and Castoria, I have quite a few Servants I want to level come lottery season. My next big goal is trying to clear out all of my locked interludes/RUQs so I’m trying to reach ascension benchmarks ASAP.

Also kinda hoping I get a good sum of RP off rolling for Arjuna - a couple month’s worth of shop lores could really give me a boost. Lots of scaling batteries that are demanding lores.

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I don’t know if they give you enough openers to code everyone fully. 3 each event and 3 every other month in the shop… Besides the fact that we’re limited to 150 codes right now, and I have more servants than that.

I try not to over think it too much. I get new servant, I level new servant. I run out of material for new servant, I farm FQs in dead weeks until I’m not out.


While pulling for Reines and Astraea I also picked up one each of Karna, Zerkerlot, OG Marie, and Nitocris, so I’m on ember duty for the foreseeable future, taking the occasional break to mine casgems to finish 10/10/10-ing Tamamo and getting Nitocris S1 to 10 for bronze kills.

Good news, when I’ve done all that raising, plus (throws a dart) Darius III, I’ll have another 20 SQ from Interludes and Rank Ups!

Hunting quests are a good source of embers, so if you have plans to apple then might not need to hit ember dailies too hard.

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I’m gonna finishing 9/9/9ing my SSRs, welfares, and bronze servant this year. New 3-4* acquisitions will get to at least 6/6/6 and Bond 5 and max level, costumes, etc as per usual.

For rolling, I’m chasing----

  • Junao
  • Smolvinci (NP2 if I can manage it!)
  • Sniperhime
  • CARmilla
  • Penguin melt (hopefully more than NP2)
  • Maybe Murasaki if we get KYOMAF or get her around Thanksgiving
  • Astarte (NP2)
  • Calamity Jane
  • Would like a second Achilles copy from his LB5.1 banner if he doesn’t spook before then

Will be perpetually farming dust, stingers, shells, and fluids until the end of time. I think everything else I need (feathers, claws, gallstones, rings, stakes, fangs, etc.) is taken care of in the form of events/lottos/hunting quests. Will have to check on seeds.


Interesting, I’ll have to see how well the drops are.

Every enemy will drop a chest. If it isn’t the mat or a gem, it will be an ember (or qp from the rare spawn). I had to burn hundreds of embers last year after dumping 30 gappels onto bone day since I didn’t have anyone to raise at the time