FOR THE MEMES—Angra Mainyu NP5 Viability/Meme Uses?

Bc SOMEONE (he) came home not once but twice (in <~400k, I KNOW. IT’S ABSURD.) the other night when I was rolling for friend event ce’s and now I’ve got a shadowy little gremlin at NP5. Wild.

It should also be said I’m saving for Skadi, so that should further enable him in all his glorious meme-y comps… glory, haha.

So, any ideas for what gimmicky mayhem an NP5 Angra could be good for—or just fun (i.e. Georgios + Angra + Skadi ft backline d’Eon to swap w Georgios or vice versa when his taunt runs out to max Angra’s self-ko’ing np damage).

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I mean for more meme comps posibilitis would be useful the skill upgrade from his interlude (need Bond 10 because he is a living joke),but Kerry can make the NP of Angra by “useful” ,like making Angra eat a full ST NP and give that back to the enemy team.

Paracelsus could help as well with the targetable Guts since Angra doesn’t have his own Guts yet aside from his bond CE. Other targetable Guts or AoE Guts options could work as well. If you want a really thematic team, then Angra, Irisviel and Kerry since they’re all from the same event, but then the Guts is tied to Iri’s NP so it’s less readily available.

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Oh he works wonderfully with Skadi.

On a serious note he’s pretty garbo whether NP1 or NP5. Video ain’t NP5, but has him NP2, shows off the wondrous powers of his NP alongside IHK. The upper limit to the amount of damage he can send back is low, never mind if he commits Lancer.

Also putting defense down on him will increase the damage the enemy deals, allowing him to do more damage back when he revives, so pairing him with Caesar or Lu Bu (or both through the power of plugsuit), would increase his damage output. By extension, buffing the enemy’s attack with Kiyohime’s Stalking skill would work the same way.

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Beast III was hard in the past,but now you can defeat her in three turns with a living meme, Neat

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Seems so backwards to deliberately stack self defense down and enemy attack up to help out the weakest servant in the game…


I mean, you could just run Medea (Lily)/Florence solo, or just fully debuff her.


Exactly, Angra is a weird servant that requires strategies that are directly contrary to normal gameplay since his NP is using the enemy’s strength against them.

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Problem is he doesn’t reflect overkill dmg so even if he is nuked for a mil he is only reflecting how much hp dmg he took now if it was just all dmg it’d be funny but nope we can’t have that now can we

That was odd.
I thought Chen Gong would work but Angra dealt 0 damage so I guess it isn’t just a matter of a difference in HP values.

Chen just inflicts death angra has to take the dmg directly for anything to reflect that’s why it’s so bad cause there’s a hard cap on how much he can reflect and it’s how much hp has at the time of using his np. So say he had 5k hp and he died and revives with guts assuming he doesn’t get hit after that all he’ll reflect is that 5k times the multiplier

Really? I thought overkill would count since the enemy is still doing that much damage to him. If he’s limited by health, then I guess he benefits from maximum health buffing from Merlin or Tawara Touta and the Ideal King CE.

Angra doesn’t take any damage but I had hoped the damage formula would simply compare the hp values when Angra uses the NP and just prior to the counter.
Due to the guts skill I used I was aiming for (maxhp-1000) x damage modifier as a test of concept.

Oh it’s definitely limited by his hp you can look up almost any vid using him and you’ll notice this problem fast

Yea angra’s np formula does take direct dmg taken into account so the death from Chen doesn’t count

Check my second video posted. There’s a limit to how much he can return.

The one or two AM users I’ve seen in JP all but ignore his NP except for the most meme-y of things, once the battle is already won.

And yes, inflicting Death != taking damage. It’s no different from how Arash commits Lancer on NP.

There are also videos of him being res’d from Guts and doing nothing or w/e, I just couldn’t be bothered to find any again.

my favorite thing is how for the longest time in jp, his np level was bugged so that anything below np5 used np1 calculations

no idea if na is like this rn or not

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… You learn something new every day.



I honestly thought it was part of his whole gimmick, until jp finally fixed it